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Istanbul’s Great Shopping Centers 2

Let’s keep writing that we have examined Istanbul’s major shopping centers. There are dozens of shopping centers in Istanbul, the most beautiful city in Europe. As a tourist, you must visit these shopping centers when you are exploring Istanbul.

In our previous article we reviewed the biggest centers such as Istanbul Forum, Vialand, Marmara Forum. Click to read.

Akasya Acıbadem

Established on one of the most valuable landmarks of the Anatolian Side, the Akasya Shopping Center has become one of the most luxurious living centers that appeal to the higher quilts.

Akasya Acıbadem

Access to the center of attraction that also houses residence projects is provided via the “Ünalan” station of M4 Kadıköy-Kartal metro and “Uzunçayır” station of Metrobus.

Viaport Asia

Viaport Asia, one of the best shopping centers in the open-air concept on the Anatolian side, welcomed visitors for many years and continues to be welcomed.


The shopping center in Kurtköy, which has an amusement park in the open area, is also highly preferred due to its proximity to Sabiha Gökçen Airport. The best transportation to Viaport is Dedepasa Boulevard stop of 130H, 132K, 133U, 134 and KM25 buses.

Viaport Marina

The marina in the town of Tuzla at the exit of Istanbul’s Anatolian side has been renovated and converted into the Viaport Marina project. Now the area is now a marina, an open-air shopping center and a theme park.


Turkey’s second largest theme park, which is within the carrying Viaport Marina viasea you do not have access to a private car is quite difficult. You can reach the Kadiköy-Tuzla buses with 130 numbered trips at “Marmados Sitesi” stop.


Cevahir Shopping Center, the oldest favourite mall in Istanbul, continues to increase by multiplying its popularity in the first day. Cevahir, one of the most visited shopping centers of the city in Mecidiyeköy, appeals to people from all walks of life.


You can reach Metrobus by going down to Mecidiyekoy station as you can reach via M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman Meter’s “Şişli-Mecidiyeköy” station. Moreover, Mecidiyekoy buses that depart from Istanbul 4 are another important alternative for reaching Cevahir.

Marmara Park

Beylikdüzü, which has been transformed into a brand-new living space by shifting the population of Istanbul to the west, is now meeting the needs of the whole region with its new gigantic shopping center built on a holiday resort.


The Marmara Park Shopping Center, which runs parallel to the E-5 highway, welcomes visitors not only from Beylikdüzü but also from most parts of Istanbul. Metrobus is of course the best alternative to Marmara Park.

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