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The Best Hotel In Sultanahmet: Sura Hotel

Istanbul, which has hosted dozens of civilizations throughout history, is among the first cities to be seen on earth with its unique beauty and historical texture. Where to stay is the most important issue you need to decide before visiting Istanbul. Do you want to be surrounded by historical places...

The Million Stone: Center of the World

The Million Stone (Zero Stone) was the center of the Earth in antiquity and was regarded as the zero point of Rome. Million Stone is considered to be the starting point of all ancient Roman roads to the city of Constantinople in the Byzantine Empire. Million Stone was also the...

Meeting Point of Cultures Sultanahmeet

Sultanahmet, which had been the capital of great empires such as Byzantium and Ottoman Empire; one of the most important tourist destinations that still maintains its validity today! Sultanahmet, where millions of tourists visit every day; It is one of the most important tourist destinations of Turkey. Hagia Sophia Museum,...

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