Galeyan Restaurant

Galeyan Restaurant

Chef Yunus Emre AKKOR was born in 1975 in Kilis. In twenty years of experience about cuisines and by favour of his research on food, he is specialized on Ottoman and Middle Eastern Cuisines. His interviews, recipes for food, and research are published on national newsletters and magazines, and he still continues his writings. In Ramadan 2013, he prepared and presented a TV Program named as “Ottoman Dining Table in Ramadan Time” on TRT Türk channel. In Ramadan 2014 he presented a TV Program named as “Lezzeti Sohbetli”(Taste while Chatting) and later on presented a live broadcasting TV Program every weekdays for two broadcasting seasons. In addition, Mr.Akkor manages the food sections of various TV Programs on national televisions, makes presentations on Ottoman Cuisine voluntarily in universities and vocational high schools which has  culinary and gastronomy departments. Mr. Akkor while providing consultancy services to restaurants and hotels also attends symposiums as presenter. Mr Akkor has degrees in cooking competitions for his works social contents which are awarded by General Administration of Social Services.He has been awarded several plaques and certificates by various non-governmental organizations for his contributions to the promotion of Turkish culture and Turkey. He organizes special events and workshops in expositions of our Ministry of Culture.

His book named “Ottoman Seafoods Cuisine” is awarded as the “Best Fish and Seafood Book” in competition of “Gourmand World CookBook” which is known as Nobel of the CookBooks. In July 2014, two new books of him named as “Ev Yapımı Dondurmalar (Homemade Icecreams)” and “Gelenekten Evrensele Osmanlı Mutfağı (Ottoman Cuisine from Tradition to Universal)” are published by Alfa Press. He has presented live broadcasting TV Program on channel of TURKMAX GURME for 3 broadcasting seasons every morning between 10.30 and 11.30. He has presented various cooking programs on Bein Gurme TV channel in Qatar.

His weekly documentary program has been broadcasting on TRT 2 channel of culture and arts since February 2019. He is author in Turkish Airlines’ Skylife magazine and also continues to his academic life in universities which has department of Gastronomy.

His book on “Kayseri Cuisine” which published in 2020 is awarded as the best of the world in competition of World CookBook Awards.