Deraliye Terrace Restaurant

This is the 8500-year-old Istanbul Historic Peninsula, where there are numerous encounters, secret passages, numerous entertainments and countless revolts, which were accepted as the world's zero point in the ancient Roman period.


On one hand, the Hagia Sophia Museum is one of the masterpieces of the history of architecture, and on the one hand the Blue Mosque is uniquely furnished with blue tiles. There it is; It is the center of the historical masterpieces of the Historic Peninsula and the sparkling bridge of the Bosphorus, connecting the continents of Asia and Europe.


Do you want to experience the innumerable tastes of the world cuisine in Deraliye Terrace Restaurant against the panoramic view of Istanbul?


We aim to make your dining experience unforgettable by conquering 5 senses with the delicious dishes from the hands of our master chefs at the specially decorated Deraliye Terrace Restaurant.


Deraliye Terrace Restaurant aims to make its guests from all corners of the world happy with its cuisine blended with Eastern and Western flavors. Be our guest to experience both the ethnic texture and the delicious tastes of the Historic Peninsula with landscape and quality!

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