Deraliye Ottoman Restaurant

Deraliye Ottoman Restaurant

Necati Yılmaz was born on August 10, 1979 in Ordu. He started his adventure with the Tourism and Hotel Management Department.

Ottoman palace cuisine is an indisputable masterpiece and cultural heritage of Turkey. It combines the best characters from many cultures: Turkic, Arabic, Mediterranean, Balkan, Caucasian and others... Best chefs of the magnificent period, during many centuries, created their culinary masterpieces for the Sultans and their courtiers. Recipes were carefully stored and transmitted from one generation to another!
Unfortunately, with the fall of the ottoman empire, this unique legacy almost completely disappeared and became oblivious
Luckily, Necati Yilmaz managed to fix it!

Necati has been studying and collecting ancient palace recipes for more than 10 years. Now you can find 425 culinary masterpieces in his piggy bank. All of them, over the centuries, pleased the Sultans and their retinue.

Under the strict guidance of Necati, hundreds of people, from all over the world, tasted the dishes from Ottoman palace cuisine for the first time.
And absolutely everyone, even the most sophisticated critics remained completely delighted.

Necati Yilmaz also was a cuisin consultant on the “Magnificentcentury” TV series. His restaurants are consistently on the top of the TripAdvisor rating! Even the legendary Lonely Planet edition has included his restaurant in its list of the best restaurants from all over the world!