Sultan Package


Peeling - 20 Min.

Foam Massage - 20 Min.

Swedish Massage - 50 Min.

90 minutes - 110 €


Peeling, considered as the initial phase of Turkish Hammam tradition, is applied to make the body become more purifed and cleansed after an intense perspiration. Peeling helps to throw all detrimental agents out of the skin, clear the clogged pore and remove the roughness.


Foam massage is an application which is implemented after peeling. During this massage, the whole boddy is covered with natural and fragrant soap bubles.


It also known as the classical massage. Swedish Massage consist of five basic techniques. Each one of these techniques is applied onto he upper musclesand mostly in the direction of bloodstream from the body cells to the heart. The therapist kneads the body with etherolic oils through lingering and sliding pats. As a result, the muscles will be relieved.

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