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Design Story

Welcome to the most wise city in the world! The oldest and most glorious city of the world, 8 thousand years old.

When the French stateman Napoleon Bonaparte said, “If the Earth was a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.” Istanbul!

Sultanahmet, which is considered the heart of old Istanbul … There are historical buildings, roads, fountains, temples, amulets and local people, tradesmen, ruggers, coffee makers, bakers and bakers who have lived inside traditions for thousands of years.

Here, Sura Hagia Sophia continues to be the first hotel in the heart of Istanbul’s Sultanahmet, offering 5-star quality and more. Not satisfied with being good, our hotel enjoys the experience of the old city and the hotel offers an exceptional and wonderful accommodation service in the city.

The Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel, originally restored from the historical archive building of the Ottoman era, is so special that it offers a glamorous splendor and an unrivaled blend of modern glamorous guests.

Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel offers the best service on the Historical Peninsula with its 231 rooms and Chalabians who enjoys serving all kinds of travellers on every corner of the hotel. It also has a spacious and private garden as well as a swimming pool in the garden.

Have a wish! You can visit the Byzantine artifact “Basilica Cistern” just below your feet with the wishes of Chalabian serving you as you sip in the lobby lavatory and you can make a wish.

Meet the Chalabians! Meet with Sura Hagia Sophia Chalabians in the Charming Room, which will make you experience an unforgettable katharsis.

Discover the legends of the city and return to your country with your own story.

Your star is bright.