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Design Story

Welcome to the most legendary city in the world!

Directly opposite Hagia Sophia, the most important temple of Istanbul, there is the historic Roman Hippodrome, where horses raced to the brink of glorious gladiators. The meaning of this is the combination of Wisdom and Power.

From such a legendary story, the historic Hippodrome outbreak, located just opposite the Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel, was revamped.

Sura Design Hotel brings an innovation that has not been experienced before, with its unique design based on the Hippodrome, in the historic peninsula, where countless ages have opened and closed, numerous cultures sprouted and survived: The light of power!

That’s why every corner of Sura Design Hotel is equipped with designs that match the unique soul of Sultanahmet, and the glitter of the power is embellished. It was conceived as a place that surprised in detail, was delightful and made its guests feel privileged. Because the first and primary task of Sura Design Hotel is to turn the dreams of its guests into reality.

The difference at Sura Design Hotel is the sense of a “dream world” that is felt at the first step in the hotel, and this feeling overwraps them throughout the guests’ stay.

Like a beautiful dream they would not wake up to, they offer banquets that they will not want to finish. The floor comments on the walls are really fanciful, with dreamy clothes, talking horse heads, Sura’s mysterious black dome, intrinsic tear crawl, winter garden and fireplace lobbies, and brave athletes with victory in the hippodrome.

Sura Design Hotel, knowing that the way to make guests feel special is to experience them an experience they have never been before, Sura Design Hotel proudly presents this fantastic accommodation crowned by the historical peninsula, to discover the charms of the city and to call its guests in the story of these talismans.

You can purify your soul at the Sura Design Hotel, which blends the Ottoman East inspiration with the most modern designs possible in the most rigorous manner possible and offers guests the pleasure.

Your star is bright!