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About Us

ANTE Holding stepped into the tourism sector with the opening of Sura Design Hotel in 2011 in order to welcome its guests from abroad and to show its guests the beauty of the historical peninsula of Istanbul.

Sura Design Hotel has become one of the leading tourism enterprises of Istanbul in a very short time with different concept and design.
The name Sura Design Hotel is from Sura, a fine silk fabric.

Sura is a special fabric used throughout the Ottoman Empire for the production of all state officials and their children’s spouses and even their children’s clothes. Sura, known as one of the most precious silk fabrics on earth and known for its soft texture, has been a representation of quality, wealth and reign for centuries.

Opening of Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel

ANTE Holding received a decision to add a new hotel to the needs of the tourism sector and the growth of the holding in the light of the growth policies and in 2014 the 5 star Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel was launched.

Located in the best location of Istanbul and the only 5-star hotel in Sultanahmet, Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel aims to give its guests a unique experience in the heart of the world.