World’s Biggest Thematic Aquarium : Istanbul Aquarium

The Istanbul Aquarium in Florya took its special place with thematic contexture in world’s biggest aquarium. If you have a chance to go to İstanbul you can enjoy to see this colorful underwater world! The İstanbul Aquarium which has 16 different theme and rainforest concept, takes its visitors to very interesting journey.

The Aquarium exhibits 15.000 land animals and sea creatures in 6.000 squaremeters visitor area and 1.2 kilometer tour route. The İstanbul Florya Aquarium, which is world’s biggest thematic aquarium also first aquarium which exhibits all the sea in the world.

The exhibit of sea life in İstanbul Florya Aquarium starts with Black Sea. There are 16 themes including İstanbul Bosphorus, Marmara, Çanakkale Bosphorus, The Aegean Sea, The Suez Canal, The Red Sea, Global Warming, The Mediterranean Sea, Straits of Gibraltar, Eastern Atlantic (wracked), Mid and West Atlantic, The Panama Canal, The Pacific Ocean, Nautilus (submarine).

Every section and the information about the geography and sea life and historical process of the part is like a treasure. The information about the process of making the Panama and Suez Canal, Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha, tectonic movement in the Pacific Ocean and other interesting and different informations like that are quite educative.

Istanbul Aquarium

The habitats of the creatures in the aquarium are similar to their natural habitats. Of course it is not much possible to ensure that with the spot lights, narrow pools and unnatural reef systems. It seems like the parts which designed with high technology provides a relatively healthy habitat.

There are kinds of fish under the sea such that there should be more than luck to see them. For example you can see a instance of a sea creatures which exist even before dinosaurs in İstanbul Aquarium.

There are 3 cafe on the tour route and a gift shop which is 470 sqauremeters at the last section of aquarium tour.

Also there are 2 5D movie theater for 15 persons and you can see 7 different movies with wind, fog and water effects.

Istanbul Aquarium

The İstanbul Aquarium is in the Florya on the European Side. You can go there from Sirkeci by bus. Also they have free shuttle bus. You should spend a half of day this entertaining place. The restaurants and cafes are enjoyable too.

Where is the Istanbul Aquarium?

İstanbul Aquarium Florya Address: Neighborhood of Şenlikköy, Yeşilköy Halkalı Road, No:93 Florya-İstanbul

Phone: +90 212 444 97 44

Mail: [email protected]

Opening Hours

At Weekdays: 10.00-19.00

At Weekends: 10.00-20.00

How to Go İstanbul Aquarium?

You can follow the signboards of Florya if you’ll go there with your own car on the coast road.

Also you can get off at the Florya Beşyol station from metrobus and reach to İstanbul Aquarium with the shared taxis in here. The other nearest metrobus stations to here are Sefaköy, Florya-Bağlar and Cennet Mah. And you can use İETT’s BN1 Halkalı-Eminönü and BN2 Küçükçekmece-Eminönü route.

Istanbul Aquarium

From Gebze you can use Harem minibus to Uzunçayır and go to Sefaköy station by metrobus and reach to İstanbul Aquarium by Florya minibuses which is next to the Sefaköy station.

Entrance Fee to the İstanbul Aquarium

The single adult person fee is 35 TL. And it is 25 TL for students, teachers, disabled people and veterans and above 65 years of age. Of course it is necessary to show id.  It is 85 TL for adults’ annual pass and its 63 for children’s. The fee is 82 for family of three, 100 TL for family of four, and 23 TL for every extra person to family of four.

Enjoy the aquarium!

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