Which of the islands should go?

Which of the islands should go? Where to go in Istanbul at the weekend? Which of the islands is more beautiful? If you are wondering, of course, because of its proximity to Istanbul and with its magnificent natural beauty, we say islands.

The islands are unique places for those who live in Istanbul with a relaxed atmosphere where you can escape from the crowds especially in summer. Istanbul Adalar’s most popular; Buyukada , Heybeliada , Kinaliada and Burgazada.

The islands are for you, especially if you want to spend the weekend away from the ordeal of traffic. Our advice is to leave early for this trip and spend an entire day for a trip to the islands.

Which is the Most Beautiful of the İslands?

You must be the one who can make the best decision. Because each island has its own unique beauty.

Here you can compare all the islands and activities that you can do all day long and we have listed the places to see. You can easily decide which of the islands you want to go by looking at the list. Please note that there is also the option of ferry between the islands. This allows you to easily switch from one island to another.

Common activities you can do on the islands

You can take photos in all the islands, swim in the sea, rent a bicycle. You can rent a carriage on other islands other than Kınalıada , and you can join the Grand Tour and the Small Tour. However, it is useful to review the tour prices. You can go hiking in forest areas and streets.

Buyukada, Heybeliada, Kinaliada and Burgazada bicycle tour for the  “Islands Bike Rental Prices” you can review our article.

Here is Which of the islands should go and what is done in the Islands , the list state;

What to do in BuyukadaBuyukada

Istanbul is the largest of the islands. It is the last pier of the ferries departing from Istanbul.

 What to do in Buyukada?

  1.  You can have a picnic at Dil Cape or Yorukali beach. The most popular location of the island is the Stone Quarry Picnic Area.
  2.  You can consider one of the more beach or beach club options than other islands to swim. In fact, if you contact some beach club companies , there are motor service options at Büyükada Pier. In the meantime, many beaches on the Islands is not a beach area. However, if you are looking for a sandy beach, you can prefer Aya Nikola Beach. There is a free motor service from Buyukada pier.
  3. Exit trekking (trekking) in the forests of Buyukada.
  4. The main places you can visit in Büyükada;
  • Museum of the Princes’ Islands
  • Greek Orphanage
  • Aya Yorgi Monastery and Church
  • Island Tower
  • Virgin Mary Church
  • Resat Nuri Güntekin House
  • Hamidiye Mosque
  • Con Pasha and Izzet Pasha Pavilions
  • Muslim Cemetery
  • Clock Tower Square
  • Trotsky House
  1. Night entertainment venues are more active than other islands.
  2. You can get to Sedef Island from Buyukada by boat or ferry.

What to do in HeybeliadaHeybeliada

It is quieter than Büyükada. It ranks second after Büyükada. In terms of transportation after Burgazada Büyükada’dan before.

What to do in Heybeliada?

  1. Picnic areas are more than other islands, especially Değirmenburnu Picnic Area covered with a very wide pine forest. There are also beach and restaurants in the area. They also have picnic units and barbecue options for rent. There are also bicycle rental and playgrounds for the kids. Another picnic area Pine Harbor …
  2. Accommodation is less than Büyükada. However, you have both hostel and hotel options. There is limited daily rental homes though.
  3. There are public beaches and beach clubs for swimming. Again, as in Büyükada, there are free motor services from the pier to beach clubs.
  4. Heybeliada’da main places you can visit;
  • Heybeliada Senatorium
  • Naval High School
  • İsmet İnönü Mansion
  • Hüseyin Rahmi Museum
  • Aya Spridon Monastery (Abandoned World)
  • Seminary (Aya Triada Monastery)
  • Heybeliada Mosque
  • Aya Nikolos Greek Orthodox Church
  • Aya Yorgi (Saint Georges) Cliff Church
  • Ornate Tomb
  • Andon Pharmacy

If you are going to spend the evening in Heybeliada, do not return without taking a moonlight tour.


What to do in KinaliadaKinaliada

It is the closest island to Istanbul. Although the smallest area in terms of population density is high. It is the most populous island property. Unlike the other islands, there is no phaeton transportation.

What to do in Kinaliada?

  1. You may prefer Ayazma Bay to enter the sea. There is also an Olympic Sports Pool with Water Sports Club, but you need to be a member to enter.
  2. Kınalıada the main places you can visit;
  • Gregorian Church
  • Monastery of Christos
  • Sirakyan Twin Houses
  • Historical Mansions
  1. Kınalıada tour takes about 1.5 – 2 hours on foot.



The second stop of the ferry companies is Burgazada.

What to do in Burgazada?

You should definitely see the streets of Burgazada with colorful flowers.

The main places you can visit in Burgazada;

  • Kalpazankaya Bay
  • Sait Faik Abasıyanık Museum
  • Bayrak Tepe and Hristor Monastery
  • Aya Yani Church


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