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When you come to Istanbul as a tourist, you have some questions about the Istanbul hotels. Usually visitors prefer to stay at European side hotels. Which region to stay in European side or should you stay in Asia side? You can find the answers in this article.

The first places for accommodation in Istanbul are Sultanahmet, Galata, Eminönü and Taksim. If you are visiting Istanbul for the first time, these regions make great sense.

Choose your location to stay that you do not need to take bus or minibus. You should be able to reach all of your destinations with trams or metro lines. Taking the buses will take 1 day of your 1-week vacation, you can be sure. Because of that, you can stay comfortably in all the hotels close to the stops between the Kabatas-Bağcılar tram line. Besides that the hotels close to the metro will be a reasonable option too. But the most ideal places for you are Eminönü, Sultanahmet, Galata or Karaköy.

Istanbul Hotel Options by Region

SULTANAHMET | Istanbul Hotels

Although I don’t recommend you to stay around here but this region is the best in İstanbul so it’s worth to check. First of all, if you are planning to stay around here do not stay in hotels that are under 100 TL. If it’s possible stay away from all the hotels between 0-150 TL in this area. Don’t forget that there are so many hotels in this region that are managing from people who has no idea about hotel management.


But if you want to stay in Sultanahmet, do a good research. Skip the hotels below 3 star hotels. Also do not forget that Sultanahmet is one the regions that are extremely noisy in the early morning hours.

Stay here if:

*you are planning to stay in the most important and most popular tourist area of Istanbul

*you have plans to eat at good quality and expensive restaurants

*you are planning to reach to the most important and most popular places by walk in Istanbul

Don’t stay here if:

*You don’t have enough budget for a good hotel

*super-tourist traffic is not a problem for you

*you have a plan for night life in Istanbul

Our recommends for you are Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel (5 star), Divalis Hotel (4 star) and Rast Hotel (3 star)


EMINONU | Istanbul Hotels

Eminönü, which is the transportation network of many places in Istanbul, is one of the most ideal places to be preferred with its touristic structures and with the closeness to the most popular buildings of Istanbul. You can reach Eminönü by trams or steamers at many of the places you want to stay in between 500-1000 meters.

If you have to use bus somehow, you reach from here to many bus stations in Istanbul. You won’t need any transportation from here to get the main places.


Stay here if;

* You are vising Istanbul for the first time

* You want to reach to main places by walk

* You want to visit the Grand Bazaar or Spice Bazaar for shopping

* You are planning to go to Islands

* You don’t have a plan for night life

* You don’t want to use public transportation

Don’t stay here if;

* You looking for cheap

* You are looking for cheap restaurants

* You can’t handle with crowded

I can suggest you to stay in Le Petit Palace Hotel because it’s cheap and also has a great location. The hotel has a super high score like 9.5 from its 250 guests. This hotel is pretty close to Eminönü square and it takes only 7-8 minutes by walk.

TAKSIM | Istanbul Hotels

You can easily find your cheap or lux accommodation in Taksim. Where to stay in Istanbul? Taksim is the one the most ideal answer to that question. It’s located within walking distance to city’s most attractive touristic places.


Stay here if;

* You want to reach easily to places like Istiklal Street, Galata, Sultanahmet and Eminönü

* You have any plan for night life

* You want to be close to great fish restaurants, cafes or entertainment venues

* You have enough money for expensive restaurants

* You want to stay in the most enjoyable and attractive location

Don’t stay here if;

* You have no plan for night life

* You want less crowded and quiet places

* You are visiting Istanbul only for touristic purpose

You should choose an accommodation that is close to square. If you choose any cheap hotels just because it’s cheap you are going to have to handle with transportation problems.

Also don’t forget that most of the hotels which are in the Beyoğlu district are pretty close to Taksim square. If you are searching for a 5 star hotel you can look at Gezi Hotel Bosphorus.

GALATA | Istanbul Hotels

Galata is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Istanbul, as preferred by foreign tourists for its hostels and affordable accommodation with super historic streets and unique buildings. Galata is an ideal place for you to stay. Where to stay in Istanbul? If you are looking for accommodation at affordable rates, you should definitely take a look at this area.


Stay here if:

*you want to reach to Galata Tower and Bridge by a short walk

*you want to be close to cheap restaurants

*you are planning to reach by walk to Eminönü, Sultanahmet, Taksim or Karaköy

*you are not looking for super lux hotels

Don’t stay here if:

*you are looking for super lux hotels

*you have a night life plan

*you are looking for lux cafes and restaurants

*you don’t like crowded human traffic

You can find many hotels in Sirkeci, close to the Galata Tower. You can also find luxurious hotels in this area. Therefore, you can pick a hotel around Galata Tower. You can check ‘Portus House’ hotel. It’s one of the most suitable and top quality 3 star hotels in this region.

ISLANDS | Istanbul Hotels

Actually I don’t recommend you to stay in any of the islands. Especially, if you are visiting Istanbul for the first time. It’s not gone be easy to reach the tourist attractions in the city. If you have been in Istanbul 2-3 times and if you are looking for a different type of accommodation then you can choose the Islands. Do not forget that best island for accommodation is the Big Island.


USKUDAR | Istanbul Hotels

If you have ever been to Istanbul and have never been to the Asian side, you can stay in hotels close to Üsküdar and you can see many different tourist attractions and you can go to different places for Istanbul night life. Üsküdar is one of the best places in Istanbul in terms of transportation network. Whether you are on a steamboat or a bus, you can cross over to Marmaray, and you can get there almost everywhere you want. If you are planning to stay in Üsküdar, I prefer to stay at the pier or near the nearby ones. Because taking bus is a complete death around Üsküdar. Be careful when choosing a hotel in Üsküdar where you have 24/7 super traffic day and night.

maiden's tower

Stay here if:

*You are planning to go to Istanbul’s favorite places like Çamlıca Hill and Maiden’s Tower

*You want to get away from the busy tourist trail on the European side and get into the locals traffic

*You are looking for restaurants or accommodation at affordable prices

*You do not mind about crossing to European side with ferry every day

*You say that you are having a nice dinner and paying 200-400 TL against the Maiden’s Tower with your darling

Don’t stay here if:

* You are only going to Istanbul to visit tourist attractions on the European Side

*You do not like to use public transportation

*You are a traveler who can’t plan very well

*You want too many accommodation options

If you are looking for a luxurious hotel in Üsküdar, be sure to take a look at ‘Sumahan on the water’ hotel. With super modern air and a unique view of the Bosphorus, it is one of the favorite places for romantic holidaymakers. If you are looking for a more convenient and more popular hotel, you can browse the 4 star Ramada Istanbul Asia Hotel.

KADIKOY | Istanbul Hotels

I can say that I have met more than 30 Istanbul residents in 37 days in Istanbul. Almost all of them said that Istanbul’s night life is no longer Taksim, Beyoğlu or Beşiktaş, but Kadıköy and Moda are more popular. As a person who has tried the night life of Taksim and Kadıköy I can say that I strongly agree with them. So if you have plan to go to Istanbul for a night life, the hotels near Kadıköy are the ideal choices. You can reach to European side easily and comfortably from Kadıköy pier.


Stay here if:

*you have plans for Istanbul night life

*you want to be close to the tourist attractions of Kadıköy

*you have visited Istanbul before

*you want to be close to the metro

*you are looking for more affordable luxury hotels

Don’t stay here if:

*You are visiting İstanbul for the first time

*You don’t have a plan for nightlife

*you want to go somewhere like Sultanahmet, Galata and Eminönü in a short time.

The most ideal hotel I can recommend in Kadıköy is a 5 star hotel Hilton Istanbul Kozyatağı and a 4 star hotel Istanbul Life Hotel. Since the luxury hotels in Kadıköy are super convenient to the luxurious ones above, you can look at the 4-5 star hotels in this area.

Recommendations for Istanbul Hotels and What You Need to Know

Metrobus in Istanbul is serving 24 hours a day. So, if you have good plans for night life and do not want to pay crazy fees for the taxi, make sure the hotel you are staying in is close to Metrobus. Be careful when choosing hotels in Sultanahmet. You can make a nice Istanbul trip by staying in Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel.

Best Hotel in Istanbul

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