Where is The Çemberlitaş? / Places to Visit Around It

Çemberlitaş is located at Fatih district of Istanbul. The name of Çemberlitaş comes from Column of Constantine which is one of the seven hills in Istanbul. This historical building attracts a great deal of attention from local and foreign tourists. For an awesome trip, you can choose Çemberlitaş district of Fatih which is known as the historical peninsula. The bathhouse is also historical and famous as well as the column. The most practical way for transportation is tram.


Information about The Çemberlitaş

This column, which gave the name to the Çemberlitaş district, is the monument which was brought in honor of the Byzantine Emperor I. Constantin.

Each column is 3 tons in weight and 3 meters in diameter. The building consist of a total of 8 columns and plinths that are connected to each other. Well, where did this Çemberlitaş Column come from? The monumental column, 57 meters high, was unearthed from the Apollo Temple in Rome.


The first place that Cemberlitaş was put, is called as Forum Constantin. While at the top of this building, there is an Apollon sculpture, Constantine removed it and made his own statue instead. Then the emperors Julianus and Theodosius repeated the same process in their own time. By the year 1081, lightning fell on the gigantic monument. The burned and damaged building’s hill sculpture was also demolished.

Thereupon, I. Alexius Comnenos restored the column and added a heading and a large crucifix along with the cauldron. When the city was conquered in 1453, this cross was removed from its place. The next restoration was in 1470, in the reign of I. Selim. This Apollo column, which suffered a great fire later, was damaged.

I. Mustafa added the wall to the damaged monument and added iron circles to keep column stand. After this revival, the name of the monument began to be known as Cemberlitaş. Rumor has it that at the bottom of this monument, there are some items which were taken from the grave of Jesus and buried here. However, this information is a controversial issue.

Places to Visit in Çemberlitaş District

Çemberlitaş Hamamı

It was buit and devoted by II. Selim and Nurbânû Sultan in 1584 to bring money to the Valide-i Atik Social Complex. The architect of this bulding is Mimar Sinan. The bath is also mentioned in the Travel Book by Evliya Çelebi. On the opposite side of the bath, there are the Koprulu Mehmed Pasha Mosque, a village and a tomb.

Çemberlitaş Hamamı

Among the places nearby are the Vezir Han, the former building of the Dar-ul-Ful, The tomb of Sultan II. Mahmud, Koprulu Library, Atik Ali Pasha Mosque, its madrasah and Ali Baba Tomb. You can also enjoy Turkish bath while visiting this historical area. As for the prices of the historical baths: self-service costs TL 80, rub-foam 125 TL, rub-foam-oil massage 200 TL, face mask 20 TL, manicure 35 TL and pedicure 45 TL.

Address: Çemberlitaş Hamamı, Vezirhan Avenue. No: 8 Çemberlitaş / Istanbul. Phone: 0212 522 79 74, 0212 520 18 50

Best Hamams in Istanbul

Turkey Journalists Association Media Museum

In this museum where you can closely examine the history of the press in the old printing machines, you can read more about the history of press and newspaper archamfer. Lithography example, a flat printing machine, rotary letterpress entertip, rehearsal looms, guillotine, old typewriters, telex and telephoto are the ones you can see in the museum.

Turkey Journalists Association Media Museum

The museum at the same time, is Turkey’s first museum and fourth press museum in the world. In this museum, you can see the personal belongings of the journalists who left their mark on Turkish press history.

Address: Mollafenari Street, Divan Road Avenue.  No: 84, Fatih / Istanbul.

Nuruosmaniye Mosque

This mosque was the first baroque mosque built in Istanbul and it was built between 1748 and 1755.The architects of the mosque are Mustafa Aga and Simon Kalfa.

Nuruosmaniye Mosque

The mosque which was built during the period when the trend of Westernization began to be worn is considered as a milestone of Ottoman architecture. The mosque was built with a madrasah, a mansion, a library, a mausoleum, a fountain and a mosque complex. You can see the Baroque art in the library, the tomb, the fountain and the public fountain.

Address: Molla Fenari Street, Vezirhan Avenue. Fatih / Istanbul

Kececizade Fuat Pasha Mosque

This mosque is considered a small number of examples of Moorish architecture in Turkey carries the name of the Tanzimat Reform Era grand vizier, Keçecizade Fuat Pasha.

Kececizade Fuat Pasha Mosque

Fuat Pasha is also the founder of Galatasaray High School. And he serve in many areas such as city lines, expanding of Divan Road. Next to the mosque, there is the tomb of the grand vizier.

Address: Binbirdirek Street. 37 Klodfarer Avenue.  No: 35, Fatih / Istanbul.

Where Is The Çemberlitaş And How To Go?

Çemberlitas is located on the European side of Istanbul. You have different alternatives to go to the Çemberlitaş in Fatih.

Tram: As the easiest and non-traffic-free route, you can reach the Çemberlitaş by tram line numbered T1 driving by Zeytinburnu, Eminonu and Kabataş.
Bus: You can easily reach this area by 97 Guneşli – Beyazit, 28 Topkapi – Edirnekapi, 93 T Zeytinburnu – Taksim, 97 Guneşli – Beyazit, 32 A Cevatpaşa – Beyazit busses.

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