Where Is Pelit Chocolate Museum? How Much is Entrance Fee?

Pelit Chocolate Museum is a place where chocolate lovers will be passionate. It is a museum full of art and chocolate that emerges as a blend of artistic understanding of the Pelit Chocolates and it was founded in 1957.It may be the sweetest visit in your life. In the museum, many monuments are exhibited which were made by taking inspiration from leaders and artists.

With this inspiration you can see the masterpieces of Turkish Islamic art, chief works of world art, fairy heroes and famous legends. The chocolate fountains, which embellish the appetite well, can attract both art lovers and chocolate enthusiasts.

You should add this chocolate museum to your list which is the first chocolate museum in Turkey located in Esenyurt district of Istanbul.

Informatıon about Pelit Chocolate Museum

The Pelit Chocolate Museum is in a different category than all the museums in Turkey. There are artifacts specially designed for chocolate lovers of all ages by specialist authorities in the museum workshop located at the Pelit production facilities.

Pelit Chocolate Museum

Inside of the museum; there are sweet works that you want to eat heartily while traveling from chocolate-made villages to chocolate fountains. You can find a real-size chocolate house, chocolate waterfall, Noah’s ship, tables describing the history of chocolate, and much more in the main hall section of the museum.

In the other hall, Istanbul, you can find the chocolates of historical artifacts like Istanbul Galata Tower, Sultanahmet Mosque, Maiden Tower and Bosphorus Bridge.

You will see the sweetest faces of the leaders such as Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, Osman Gazi and many other leaders throughout the Turkish history in the Turkish elder’s saloon. You can witness many chocolate-made artifacts such as Pablo Picasso, Osman Hamdi. There are chocolate tables and structures that symbolize Hittite, Ancient Greek, Byzantine, Ottoman state and nations in the history of the world in the civilization hall.

Pelit Chocolate Museum

Perhaps, the most disadvantage of the Pelit Chocolate Museum is that it is not a very central point. Even though it is away from the city center, it does not create a problem for public transportation.

If you do not want to go back to the hotel after a long breakfast, it is worth noting that Akbatı Shopping Center is right in front of the Pelit Chocolate Museum to spend your whole day here.

There are 200 shops around the center, 9 movie theaters, restaurants offering alternatives from different cuisines of the world, children’s play and education area, as well as a parking lot with 3000 cars capacity. Because they wanted people make shopping in a nature atmosphere, there is a fountain court, Fountain Court, landscaping areas and kippers. The shopping center is open between 10:00 and 22:00 pm.

Pelit Chocolate Museum

Pelıt Chocolate Museum: Breakfast

The Pelit Chocolate Museum is famous for open-buffet breakfasts as well as chocolate-made artifacts.  The pastry is known for its pastry breakfast variety and quality which promises the best open-buffet breakfast experience in Istanbul

The breakfast, which continues until about 15.00, has a rich menu ranging from croissants to tiny pizzas, from macaroni to eggs for kids, from sweet varieties to olive oil and meat varieties. As a chocolate dream, you will not forget the chocolate fountain and the fruits in the pastry breakfast.

As for the price of the breakfast, you have to pay 80 TL per person. For breakfast you can choose Pelit pasta, which is as big as chocolate.

Pelit Chocolate Museum: Entrance Fee and Vısıt Hours

Pelit chocolate museum can be visited every day of the week. Visiting hours: 10 am – 5 pm

Pelit Chocolate Museum entrance fee: 25 TL and 0-5 years old are not charged for the visit. For the school’s group tour, reservation is required.

Where Is Pelıt Chocolate Museum?

Address: Koza Street 1678 Avenue. No: 19 (Sanayi Street Evren Sanayi Site Akbatı shopping center) Esenyurt- Istanbul

Phone: 0212 411 13 00 Rezervation number: 1160 – 1326

How to Go the Pelıt Chocolate Museum?

Minibus: You can reach Pelit Chocolate Museum by using minibuses of Avcılar-Karaaağaç.

Bus: With 142A Boğazköy – Avcılar Metrobus and 144A Deliklikaya – Ömerli Kiptaş Houses – Avcılar, you can go to the museum. You can walk to the museum after getting on 76E and getting off on Esenkent bus stopIf you are going to Esenler and Bayrampaşa direction, you can transfer to Yenikapi – Airport metro at Topkapı – Ulubatlı station and then 76E line.

By this bus you need to get off on Esenkent stop and walk to the back of Akbatı Shopping Center, you will arrive at the Pelit Chocolate Museum.

Metrobus: You cannot go directly to the museum by metrobus. To transfer to bus, you need to go to Avcılar stop. From there, you can go to the museum by a taxi or a bus.

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