Unique Tastes in Istanbul: Besiktas Breakfast Street

Beşiktaş are very popular with the breakfast street where the ones who want to make breakfast have long queues. Even when you get into the street you can get lost in the long queues and even lose your sense of direction.

Especially if you want to have breakfast on a Sunday in this street, you will see that the whole of the streets are overcrowded and the long queues of the customers waiting in front of each place. This may not be good, you may start your breakfast a few hours late.

To find a quieter place, you can go inside the street and check out the places one by one. There are about 30-35 breakfast shop on the street. Already, the street took its name from these breakfast shops. The narrow, cobblestone stones and that enter the street and mystic odors lead you take back in time

Besiktas Breakfast Street

Beşiktaş Breakfast Street: Prices

Breakfast plates usually have the same ingredients: cheese, olives, jam, butter, cream, honey, boiled eggs, tomatoes, salads, nuts or pistachio. Of course, there are minor changes in some places. Breakfast plate prices vary between 20- 25 TL.

Of course, it is not the only option.  Optionally, including omelets (mixed, sausage, cheese etc.) and turkish omelet (with pastrami, sausage), pancake (potato, cheese), You can try different tastes. The prices of these options vary between 20 – 30 TL, according to the materials you choose.

How to go to Breakfast Street?

The full address of Beşiktaş Breakfast Street is Ihlamurdere Avenue, Çelebi Oglu Street, Beşiktaş.

After coming to Beşiktaş Square with public transport or minibus, it is within walking distance.

If you are going from Ihlamurdere Street which is directly opposite Beşiktaş Maritime Museum, after entering the street then walking about 5 minutes, you will reach Beşitaş Breakfast Street.

Besiktas Breakfast Street

Those who will go to this street by car can go to Beşiktaş square by using Karaköy – Kabatas coast road, Zincirlikuyu – Beşiktaş road or Ortaköy – Beşiktaş coast roads. Here, after reaching Ihlamurdere Avenue, you need to enter the parking lot of the big Beşiktaş Bazaar to park their cars.

Beşiktaş Breakfast Street: Pişi

When you speak of Beşiktaş Breakfast Street, the first places that coming to mind is a Pişi Breakfast & Burger. As the name suggests, the most preferred food in the menu is Pişi. There are many options such as cheese, minced, with sausage, but the most popular one is chocolaty Pişi. Apart from these, there is hot sauce or fried meat omelet in the menu. You can also opt for the breakfast menus including many flavors.

Address: Sinanpaşa District, Çelebioğlu St, No.14 – 16B, Beşiktaş, Istanbul

Breakfast shops at Beşiktaş Breakfast Street

Some breakfast shops are more famous than others in the Beşiktaş Breakfast Street. One of these places is Pişi which is the first restaurant in this street. It is not wrong to say that this street became a breakfast street after Pişi was successful and then other entrepreneurs have come and opened a breakfast on the same street.

Besiktas Breakfast Street

Cafe Faruk in the Beşiktaş Breakfast Street is as famous as Pişi. According to visitors’ comments, Cafe Faruk which is better than the other in terms of the customer satisfaction by a long way, stands out with its service quality in Beşiktaş Breakfast Street.

Beside these two places, there are the other popular cafes on the streets of Beşiktaş such as Elephant Brothers, Limos Cafe, Cafe Carmenta and Bi Kahvaltı. Each restaurant in Beşiktaş Breakfast Street has own time policy that’s why it’s hard to say certain hours. However, there is a chance to get breakfast service until the evening hours of the weekend in Beşiktaş Breakfast Street.

Places around Beşiktaş Breakfast Street

Of course all the breakfast shops in the center of Beşiktaş are not located at Beşiktaş Breakfast Street, also known as Çelebioğlu Sokak.

Beşiktaş has many breakfast shops on the line which continues by curling left and right at the end of Breakfast Street. There are also many breakfast shops on Şair Veysi Sokak, Alabeyi Sokak, Koyeli Sokak and Eski Bahçe Sokak at Sinanpaşa Passage side.

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