Turkish Contemporary Art Center: Istanbul Modern Museum

In Istanbul Modern, there have been many contemporary art exhibitions at both of its floors from both Turkey and the rest of the world. In the entrance floor, there is the ”Perpetual Exhibition Hal” in which the museum’s own collection gets listed. You can see works such as paintings, sculptors, videos and new media or photographing from the 20th century in Turkey in this fascinating modern museum. Besides, you can observe the change Turkey had been subjecting to from the 20th century with your own eyes. Moreover, there is also a wider range of specially designed items from phone covers to t-shirts, from magnets to pet clothes and everything.

Even though its name suggests its just a museum, the situation is not like that. Inside of Istanbul Modern, you can find a library which consists of 9000 books. Books mainly focus on Turkish at and subjects related to it. A cafe which is as modern as the museum and offers a wide variety of international menu, and an eye-catching view across the strait to Asia.

Since the Istanbul Modern is a part of the Google Cultural Institute, you can browse and take a look at some of the works made by or exhibited by the museum before you visit and make your mind.

Transportation is pretty easy too. You can just take a tram to Tophane and then it is just a two minutes walk. But if you are coming from Istiklal, you can just go to the Yeni Çarşı Avenue from Galatasaray Center and keep going to the bottom of the hill. You just can’t miss the museum.

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