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We continue to explain the Topkapı Palace. In our previous post we mentioned the history of the Topkapi Palace in the unique beauty. Let’s continue to examine the parts inside the palace. Click to read our previous article about Topkapi Palace.

Topkapi Palace Departments

Divan Square

The courtyard I., also called Divan Square, was used as the administrative center and ceremonial area of the Ottoman Empire for many years. Kubbealti (Divan-ı Hümayun), where government affairs are seen, is the most important structure in this area.


Adalet Kasrı, built to watch the sultan, the palace and Divan meetings of the sultan, is the Zülüflü Baltacılar Ocağı where the people responsible for many palace works in the Ottoman Empire stand, other important buildings in the courtyard. In this section, we also suggest that you give time to Babüssade, where the sultans of the sultan live.

Zülüflü Baltacılar Ocağı


Come on III. the courtyard. This is also known by the name Enderun. In Enderun, there is the Has Room and the Holy Relics Department. The Chamber of Supply, which is a successful example of the pavilion style of the Turkish architecture, was established for the inner boys who were educated in the Enderun Palace School. The III. Ahmed Library and Aghas Mosque are the most remarkable parts.


The Mecidiye Pavilion

In the IV. Courtyard there are Lale Garden and Sofa-i Humayun sections. There are two pavilions built in honor of the conquests of Baghdad and Revan. The Mecidiye Pavilion in the area where the Sunnah Room, the summer corner of the sultan, can be seen, carries the signature of the successful architect Serkis Balyan.


The harem is a place for those who want to understand the palace life. You will be able to get a chance to study the Hünkâr Sofası, which is used as a ceremony and reception hall for the Valide Sultan House, the rooms of the sultan and the sections belonging to various groups living there during the Harem trip.

The harem is a place for those who want to understand the palace life.

Sultan’s Dress Department and Treasure Halls and III. Ahmed Library is temporarily closed due to restoration work. The Halls of Barn and the Chamber of Mecca are the only places completely closed in the open.

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