Top Ten Tourist Tips For Visiting Istanbul – Part 2

We are continuing with our Part 2 of Top Ten Tourist Tips for Visiting Istanbul article.

Food And Drink:

Even though one of the most popular foods about Turkey is definitely the Turkish Delight, there are actually better and underestimated foods out there. Doner or the Turkish Doner is a common street food and you can see it in every corner even though the taste differs. There is the ”Hatay Döner” which takes its name from the city of Hatay. When ordering doner, you should make your mind about the chicken or the meat doner. There is the Rakı which is a national alcoholic beverage which is quite strong actually. So be careful not to get drunk.

Where to Stay In Istanbul

Since it is a metropolitan city, you can find many options for accommodation. You can find cheap, cheaper, the cheapest or the more luxurious ones in nearly every county of Istanbul. You can find many affordable and luxurious hotels around the Hippodrome with great views of both Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. If you wanna take a perfect holiday and want to remember it for your whole life, special Sultanahmet hotels might be the best cure for your misery. Moreover, you can look for a hotel close to the Airport but you will miss the beauties of the inner Istanbul or a view from your hotel room. If you are looking for a hotel with a great view and great location, Sura Hotels will be a wise choice.


Best Hotel in Istanbul

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