Top Ten Tourist Tips For Visiting Istanbul – Part 1

Istanbul is a huge city with its culture, history, landscape and everything you can imagine. Taking a tour and organizing a long visit is the best way to learn your way through in this metropolitan city, but still, some tips can always be helpful. First of all, you should always avoid hassle with local people in case of everything.

City Tour

It really takes a lot of time to explore this vast city from the European Side to the Anatolian Side. So if you don’t have so much time, you should seriously consider One Day Sightseeing Tours. With such tours, you can have great Istanbul sightseeing with really small groups. In just one day, it is possible to see Topkapi Palace, Haghia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Grand Bazaar, the Obelisk, the Hippodrome and many more. If you have enough time and you are one of ” free-travelers”, then you should check our blog four more tips!

History of Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the oldest cradles of the civilization. From the Roman Empire to the Ottomans and many more, Istanbul was the pupil of their eye all the time. Instead of just walking around without any history info, it would be best to get some information beforehand and have a great trip with these in your mind. It would help you to impress your friends too!

How to Go To A Mosque?

Mosques are one of the most prominent structures in Istanbul. And as a tourist, you must be careful when visiting these holy places in term of rules and obligations. Both men and the women have to wear a modest dress and women have to cover to their knees from their shoulder. In many big mosques, there are desks for you to borrow a wrap for your hair because you cannot enter a mosque without a wrap for your hair if you are a woman. During praying times, it is not allowed for you to enter and walk around. One of the most important rules is to take off your shoe before entering a mosque. You can wear socks if you have any. Since there are some praying times, it is best for you to go between 9 am and 12. And because of the fact that there could be some individuals praying by themselves, it is best to avoid running or yelling. Taking their photos without their consent is also could be a trouble.

Entering cost for the mosques are absolutly free though.

Learning Some Turkish Would be Miraculous!

Even though it is clear that you are a tourist, learning some Turkish words would be miraculous and advantageous for you. There are some popular words that can help you.

Hello is Merhaba (pronounced Mare-ha-ba)

Good Morning is Günaydın (gew-nahy-DUHN)

Good Day is İyi Günler (E-yee Guen-ler)

Good Evening is İyi Akşamlar (EE ahk-shahm-LAHR)

Goodbye is Hoşçakal (Hosh cha kal) is you are leaving, but if you are the person stay Goodbye is Güle güle (guele guele) so expect to hear it when leaving shops

Informal Goodbye is Allaha ısmarladık (ah-LAHS-mahr-lah-duhk)

Thank You  is Sağ Ol (SOWL)

You’re Welcome is Bir şey değil (beer SHEHY deh-YEEL)

Cheers for drinking is Şerefe! (Sher-a-fa)

Hagia Sophia  in Turkish is spelled Aya Sofya (Eye-ah So-fee-yah)

Mosque in Turkish is spelled Camii (Jah-mee)



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