Top Best Amusement And Thematic Parks in Istanbul

Top Best Amusement And Thematic Parks in Istanbul

We have investigated and listed all the best amusement and thematic parks in Istanbul just for you and your children. If you want to have a special day for your children or for yourself, it only takes a list and a day to do this. You can take your children there and have a great time for both of you.

Social places and parks which started to develop lately in our country, has become a really developed sector and offers lots of varieties. If you want to take a day off from your Sultanahmet hotel, you can just come here and enjoy it. Apart from Istanbul, it is possible to find really great thematic parks in Eskisehir and capital city Ankara too. Let’s check the best amusement and thematic parks in Istanbul together.

Thematic Parks in Istanbul

If you are fed up with your children’s playing with smartphones and all these technological devices all the time, you can just take them to a place in which they can spend quality time and forget social media and electronic games for a while.

1- İsfanbul Tema Park (Vialand)


This thematic park is built on approximately 100 stadium-sized lands and one of the prominent best amusement and thematic parks in Istanbul. In this fascinating area, you can witness different ponds, show and concert areas and many more. The park was opened officially by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in 2013 and grab a serious attention since then. You can visit this park which is located in Eyüp area of Istanbul with a 20 minutes drive from your Sultanahmet hotel and we think that you can have a great time too.

Vialand or İsfanbul Tema Park with its new name is also known as the local Disneyland because of its size and contents. You can find a shopping center, restaurants, a cinema, and even a bowling center. It is Turkey’s first thematic park and available for 7 hours. Since it is a big thematic park, you can find many activities for adults too. In this thematic park in which the excitement rises extremely, you can find a roller-coaster which goes at 110 km speed sometimes and its name is Nefeskesen or ”Breath-taker” in English. Apart from Nefeskesen, you can find the Fatih’in Rüyası (Fatih’s Dream), Adalet Kulesi (Justice Tower), Çılgın Nehir (Crazy River) and Viking units too.

What is in İsfanbul? 

Inside of this gigantic thematic park, you can find more than 20 fun units. Moreover, you can find a shopping center, shops, cinemas, restaurants, and a bowling hall too.


It is hard to contain your scream since this crazy train goes beyond 110 km/hour speed and will make you live your craziest dreams. Nefeskesen has a 900 person capacity for one hour.

Fatih’in Rüyası 

Fatih or with more famous name, Mehmet the Conqueror is the inspiration source of this unit. As you can understand from the ”dream” part, this fun unit makes you live the conquest of Istanbul and takes you to the year 1453.

Adalet Kulesi 

This tower with 50-meter height will make you live the fear and excitement at the same time by letting you free fall from its height.

Çılgın Nehir 

Çılgın Nehir or Crazy River is a boat tour of 700 meters. It offers a crazy and wet adventure for adventure lovers.


Just like the Çılgın Nehir, you can get a little bit wet in this one too. This fun point dumps you into a mini pond from 15 meters height and makes you live a big thrill.

Minik Kaşifler 

Minik Kaşifler or little explorers is a 160 meters long tunnel and gives an experience of discovery to your children. It is not just an empty tunnel, it teaches about world culture and makes you live fun moments through it.


Thrillseeker or the Maceraperest is a train which goes up to 30 meters height with 80 kilometers speed in one hour. Other fun units inside of the thematic park are like that:

Saray Salıncağı (Palace Swing), Uçan Çocuklar (Flying Kids), Safari Tüneli (Safari Tunnel), Neşeli Çiftlik (Cheerful Farm), Mini Kule (Mini Tower), Minik Kaşifler, Jet Ski, Kahraman İtfayeciler (Heroic Firemen), Küçük Madenciler (Little Miners), Gelin Oynayalım (Let’s Play), Çarpışan Arabalar (Bumper Cars), Cesur Sürücüler /Brave Drivers), Bulut ekspresi (Cloud Express), Bir Zamanlar İstanbul (Istanbul Once Upon a Time), Atlı Karınca (Carosello), 360, Sihirli Oda (Magical Room), Minik Pedallar (Little Pedals) , Zıp Zıp Kanguru (Boing Boing Kangaroo).

How Much Are the Entrance Prices? 

  • Adult Price for 15+: 83.99 TL
  • Children Price for 3-14 years old: 83,99 TL
  • Baby Price for 0-3 years old: Free of charge
  • Annually Ticket Price: 144 TL

If you want to have a limitless fun ticket with which you can try all the fun units, you have to pay 83,99 for everybody between 15-59 years old for one of the best amusement and thematic parks in Istanbul. But for 60+ years old, students, family groups, children and disabled people, they have lots of special discounts. But you have to be careful because if your children go there who is under 15, they will not sell any ticket to him without a parent or an adult. Ticket prices vary according to the season and you can see the most up to date prices from their website.

İsfambul Tema Park is open at 10:30 am every day during the summer season. It is open from 10:30 am to 21:30 pm every day of the week.

İsfambul Tema Park is located in Eyüp county of Istanbul and has a gigantic area of 600.000 square meters and has lots of transportation ways.

How to Go to İsfanbul? 

If you are thinking about going to one of the best amusement and thematic parks in Istanbul with your private car, you can choose E-5 highway or TEM and take the exit of Bayrampaşa, then follow Eyüp or Gaziosmanpaşa signboards.

If you are thinking about going by bus, you can take 55 from Eminönü, 99A from Gaziosmanpaşa, 39Y, 39D, 47, 39O, 49Y from Alibeyköy, 55EB, 86V from Eyüp, 55T, 55ET, TTM from Eyüp.

Address: Yeşilpınar neighborhood, Şehit Metin Kaya Street, no:11 34065 Eyüp / Istanbul

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