Top Best Amusement And Thematic Parks in Istanbul – Part 5

In this article, we will continue with our fourth part of Top Best Amusement And Thematic Parks in Istanbul. You can reach part 1 from here, part 2 from here,  part 3 from here and the Part 4 from here. If you have more questions or want more options, you can ask for help from our Sultanahmet hotelSura Hotels – personal. Here is our list for the best amusement and thematic parks in Istanbul.

Viaport Amusement Park

Viaport Amusement Park in which every person from all ages can have something to do, there are lots of fun and joy. While your children having fun at bumper cars, you can push your limits at the Rocket. Viaport is a complete facility consists of a shopping mall and an amusement park and hosts hundreds of people every day. It is so fun that the award for the funniest shopping center went to the Viaport.

Viaport Lunapark

In this facility, there are 188 retail stores in total and it is crowded on every day. One of the most distinguishing factors of that mall is its open-air concept. In Viaport there is an open-air pond, a street, a square and lots of green space inside of the area. Even though it is a gigantic amusement park and a shopping mall, you can reach its county Pendik without any difficulty.

Apart from the shopping center and the amusement park, you can find a cinema, karting, and different music groups too. The shopping center and the amusement park is open from 10:00 am to 22:00 pm every day.

Istanbul Dolphinarium

In Istanbul Dolphinarium, you can find more than just the dolphins. With its facilities and possibilities, you can call this place a great sea country too. Dolphinarium was opened at the end of 2008. You can find dolphins, a beluga whale, a hairy seal and a walrus inside of this Dolphinarium. It is built on an area consists of 8700 square meters and 5800 square meters of it is closed. The dolphinarium has the capacity for 1000 visitors and it gives different shows with 7 different pool and 7 different shows simultaneously.

Except for the shows with the sea mammals, you can swim with the dolphins and meet with other sea mammals closely. Don’t forget to make a reservation since it is full most of the time. You can even make scuba diving with dolphins too.

Since it has lots of special activities the price depends according to it.

Prices for the Istanbul Dolphinarium

Normal Category

Full Fare: 80 TL

Between 3 – 16 years old, over 65 years, student and teacher: 60 TL

Between 0 – 2 years old: free of charge

VIP Category 

Full Fare: 140 TL

Between 3 – 16 years old, over 65 years, student and teacher: 100 TL

Between 0 – 2 years old: free of charge

Istanbul Dolphinarium Swimming with the Dolphins Prices 

The prices are set for 10-minutes swimming.

1 person: 120 Dollar

2 person: 200 Dollar

3 person: 270 Dollar

Istanbul Dolphinarium Meeting with the Dolphins Prices 

1 person: 120 Dollar

2 person: 200 Dollar

3 person: 270 Dollar

Istanbul Dolphinarium Scuba Diving Prices (20 Minutes)

1 person: 200 Dollar

2 person: 370 Dollar

3 person: 450 Dollar

Visiting Hours

The center is open every day of the week except the Monday. The shows that can be watched from the stadium starts at 14:00 every day during weekdays and the weekends. Shows last for approximately one hour.

Where is the Dolphinarium? How To Go?

The Dolphinarium is located in Eyüp, Silhatarağa Street and next to the Oğuz Canpolat High School.

If you want to go there with your private car, you can take the TEM highway or follow the coast road to the Eyüp-Alibeyköy direction till Eyüp exit. You can use the free autopark of the Dolphinarium too.

If you want to come by public transportation, you can just take the minibusses that take off from Aksaray Metro Station or take buses.

Bus Lines That Passes From Istanbul Dolphinarium

You can use the buses below in order to get off at the Çeltik or Sakarya Mahallesi stations and just take a short walk for the Dolphinarium.

39 Beyazıt – Akşemsettin Mah. 99 Eminönü – Akşemsettin Mah. 36CE Eminönü – Cebeci Mah. 399B Eminönü – Güzeltepe. 39Ç Beyazıt – Hamidiye Mah. 39B Vezneciler –İmar Blokları. 48A Topkapı – Göktürk Köyü. 399D Eminönü – Yeşilpınar. 39O Otogar – Yeşilpınar. 39Y Yeşilpınar – Vezneciler. 39D Yeşilpınar – Yenikapı. 399C Yunus Emre Mah. – Eminönü.

Address: Silahtarağa Street, no:20/4 Eyüp – Istanbul

BaBaLu Fun Park

In this park, you can have a great time with your children. BaBaLu Fun Park is an excellent park which is built in order to get your children’s energy and give him different opportunities to play. In this park, the unique aspect is the playing areas. Your child can learn how to use her/his body in the best way possible and be more flexible.

This park is aiming to get your child’s energy in the most usable and correct way possible. The Park has extremely safe playing grounds but still, they cannot play without their parents. But if a child is over 8 years old, he can play with a signed paper from his/her parents. Otherwise, a supervisor parent is required. In order to boost up the security, all children must wear silicon socks in order not to slip.

What is Inside the BaBaLu?

In this park specifically designed for the children, you can find a go-kart area, slides, climbing walls and all kinds of jumping equipment with lots of inflatable materials. In this park, there are more than 20 different playing grounds in which your child can socialize. But most of the children prefer jumping and climbing grounds.

BaBaLu Entrance Fee

Even though the entrance fee depends according to the minutes and special dates, you can just get a monthly ticket too.

Weekday Price:

Between 1 – 12 years old: 30 TL (limitless)

Limited Price for 1 Hour: 20 TL

Additional Hour Price: 10 TL

Weekend Price:

Between 1 – 12 years old during special holidays: 30 TL (for two hours)

Token for one toy: 1,50 TL

Membership Prices

Between 1 – 12 years old for 1-month membership: 170 TL

Three months of membership: 380 TL

Six months of membership: 640 TL

Visiting Hours for BaBaLu

If you want to visit BaBalu Amusement Park, you can come from 10:00 am to 20:00 pm on Friday and Saturday, but for the other days of the week, you have to come between the 10:00 am and 20:00 pm.

The location of the park is pretty easy too. It is located inside the Başakşehir and you can get there with both public transportation and your private car. From Taksim area, you can take the 89C and from Bakirköy area you can take 98 buses. If you are coming with your private car, take the TEM or E5 Highway and follow the signs.


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