Through the Istanbul: Bayrampasa Parkada

Bayrampasa Parkada

The city park of Bayrampasa is called and known as Adapark among people even though it is mentioned as Parkada nowadays. You must surely go to this place consisting of a visual feast where visitors will be happy to come over. When you come to Parkada, you will have the chance to see the best places to meet all your wishes and expectations in the best way, such as picnic places, amusement parks, cafe, restaurant, lake landscape, amphitheater, bowling halls, artificial bridge, and bazaar.

Information about Bayrampasa Parkada

It will be very, very easy for you to find every activity you want in this place which will help them to enjoy with both adults and minors. There are also zoos which you will enjoy very much. In this way, your children will start to see the animals they want in Parkada, which is also a fun place, in the zoo without any problems. You can have a good time by going to this place, which has been opened in 2003 and has been able to host all of its visitors very well since 2003. In this place, which is called the largest open space park, both adults and young people can have fun times and also see natural beauties.

What’s in the Parkada?

One of the most curious questions of the people who will visit is what is in there. But everything can be found in this place, where you can find much more than you are looking for, and which is one of the biggest and largest entertainment platforms in Istanbul. Cafe, restaurant, lake view, amphitheater, amusement park, car park, zoo, bowling salons, all kinds of activities and beauty that you can think of are located in the Adapark.

Visiting Hours in Parkada

You can go to Adapark, which stands out as Turkey’s largest social recreation and entertainment area, during the working hours on weekdays. The working hours are also 08.30 – 01.00.

Where is Parkada and how to get there?

Located in the Bayrampasa district of Istanbul, you can reach the Parkada by public transport and private vehicle. Apart from the transportation information of Bayrampasa city park, you can also create a route with our transportation map. Those who arrive by public transport can use the metro. When you get off at the Kocatepe stop by Metro, the park is within walking distance. For those who will come by private vehicle, while coming from E5, you can arrive at Parkada after 2.5-3 km by departing from Yildirim Neighborhood before coming to Istanbul Bus Terminal.

Bayrampasa Parkada or Adapark is a perfect location for those who want to explore other parts of Istanbul apart from Sultanahmet hotel, Sura Hotels.

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