Theme Park Projects To Be Enjoyed in Istanbul

Theme park; a park that is famous for its mountainous, mysterious, mystical ambiance that you see in foreign films, as well as toys at a higher level of amusement park fun. So we can illustrate Disneyland in Paris and Orlando as an example.

Despite the fact that other countries have a rich entertainment sector, it is possible to say that the fun in Istanbul until the last years consists of only three or five funerary parks. Unfortunately, the entertainment of the young people of Istanbul was squeezed into the entertainment areas built in the shopping centers. But now Istanbul is getting its theme parks like all the world cities. Moreover, there are currently 4 projects planned! The two are open, one is down, and the other is still under construction.

Let’s Look at Theme Park Projects in Istanbul

Bayrampaşa Ora – Landora Theme Park

Landora Theme Park, which is the first park to be opened in Istanbul, was quite afraid of its motivated park investors. Because the ORA project, which is a huge investment that includes the culture center, the outlet shopping center, the arena, the hotel and the theme park, went down shortly after it opened.


The ORA Shopping Center, built on 70,000 square meters of land in Esenler Ferhatpaşa at the top of the Bayrampaşa Otogar region, where Forum Istanbul, the largest shopping mall in Turkey, including Carrefour, Bauhaus, IKEA, Koçtaş and one of Europe’s largest shopping centers, he could not resist. Despite the fact that the biggest rival near the Forum is subway to the gate of Istanbul, there is no public transport alternative to ORA; made the project one of the world’s most faulty investments.

The Landora Theme Park in ORA was located in the area of 21,000 square meters of the project. I do not know who made Landora’s pleasure, but remember that the big park is kept in an idle state like an abandoned horror movie town.

Vialand Theme Park – Eyüp

After Landora’s failure, the Vialand project was the first project to bring the full sense of entertainment that Istanbul deserves. Built by Gürsoy Group & Via Properties in an area of 500,000 square meters in the old stone quarry district of Alibeyköy District of Eyüp (together with the shopping center section), Vialand has been flooded since the day it opened.


Vialand was the first motivational park project to increase the prestige of the city.

ViaSEA Theme Park – Tuzla Viaport Marina

Gursoy Group & Via Properties, who built Vialand, has built a new theme park project in Tuzla at the far end of Istanbul’s Anatolian side. Last week we were able to find 35 different entertainment units in ViaSea, which was opened for service at Viaport Marina Mall.


There is also a Roller Coaster, 55 meters high, which can reach 110 kilometers in 2.5 seconds, with 20 million euros invested in it. With ViaSea, the number of Roller Coaster in Istanbul rose to 2.

Theme World İstanbul – Halkalı Atakent

Another big project that is still going on is; The Theme İstanbul project, which is planned to be constructed on 1.429.000 acres of land in the northern part of Küçükçekmece Lake, formerly used as Halkalı Warehouse. The work continues on this gigantic site which will be considered as a mass housing and a theme park.


Theme World, which will be the theme of the day-to-day East, Western culture and Istanbul in the past, is claimed to be one of the most popular amusement parks in Europe with its 400,000 m2 area.

There will be approximately 55-60 small toys in it. 10 of them will be very ambitious mega toys. Some of these mega toys will be produced only for Theme World, and will not be the same in the world. It will be designed and produced only for Theme World.

Turkey’s worldwide except themed amusement park Theme World, the investment cost of the land cost to be about $ 400 million is stated.

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