The Most Romantic Places in The Most Romantic City: Istanbul

Istanbul is the hot spot for poets, writers, authors, painters and many more… Have you ever thought about what can give such an inspiration for so many artistic people? What can possibly do that in the city of Istanbul? What is the true source of so many poems, world-famous novels, songs? Istanbul is the true source with its sea, the Bosphorus, the Seven Hills, and the mysterious streets which opens up to another realm!

Istanbul has so beautiful romantic places that those who saw Istanbul can fall in love while those who didn’t can be regretful. Believe, these places can give inspiration not only to poets or writers but to you and anybody else too. They can reveal the inner lover inside of you.

Here are some places that you can either go with a paper and pen or with your loved one:

The first one is definitely the Maiden’s Tower. Watching all the Istanbul and the Bosphorus with a refreshing sea breeze will be an unforgettable experience for you. The romance will hit the peak and you will miss and dream of these moments when you go to your hometown or hotel.

Bebek seaside is another popular place for Istanbul and the romance. Even though some people don’t quite find it romantic, a walk with your darling throughout the Bebek and having a cup of coffee or wine after the walk can be relaxing and romantic indeed.

Polonezköy is one of the rarest places that you can stay by yourself in nature and let the birds twitter accompany your love. Hand to hand walks along the roads that are completely bejeweled with ancient trees can be the true definition of romanticism for some. You can have a beautiful picnic out there too.

There is an old tradition in Istanbul actually. Like 50-60 years ago, people who are flirting with each other used to go Kanlıca and eat yogurt from the same yogurt shop at the same time but in the separate tables. It was kind of a way to say the other that you love her or him. Guess what? Even though the tradition is getting weaker, you can still find the same yogurt shops at Kanlıca. Maybe you can find some stories that Kanlıca wants to tell you.

And the last bomb is Adalar or the Islands, cannot be summarised into this short article. The weekend escapade with your loved in the Islands will definitely refresh your love. Büyükada, Heybeliada or Burgazada, three of all has their special features such as cobblestone pavements and gates opening to the sea’s itself. Watching the true beauty of Istanbul with a cup of coffee and a souffle…

These sentences cannot explain the Islands completely, so we will share an extraordinary guide just for the Islands. Keep following us!


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