The Most Famous County of Black Sea Coasts: Şile

The Most Famous County of Karadeniz Coasts: Şile

This coastal town which is located on the Black Sea coasts is famous for very long beaches, fisherman restaurants and a special kind of fabric which gives the name of the county, ”Şile Bezi”…

Şile, which is only 70 kilometers away from Istanbul, is among the places that you can visit close to Istanbul. In order to reach this cute town which is located on Kocaeli peninsula’s Black Sea coast, you only need 40 minutes from Üsküdar. Şile Lighthouse and Genoese Castle are among the symbolic attraction points for here and they are the top places that you should see if you are to visit it. We are sure that the endless beaches of Şile will mesmerize you. Because of that, this cute area is among the places that come to mind when we talk about the sea. The coastal town is a developed place and rich in pension, hotel and restaurants.

In this beautiful landscape, you can visit Ağlayan Kaya, Kumbaba, İmrenli, Ayazma and Sahilköy as beaches. The thing you have to be careful about that point is the sea you are about to enter is one of the most ”combative” seas in the world, the Black Sea. You should always be careful when swimming or going off for a long time.

Another thing that you must do in a coastal town is eating a fish. Bass, spotted fish, saurel and haddock are the options that you can find fresh in this town. This little but developed area is rich in fish restaurants too.

It would be a mistake not to visit shops that sell the clothes that is made from the famous ”Şile Bezi’. Especially summer dress and blouse are among the clothing types that you can prefer Şile fabric mostly. Don’t go back to your hotel without buying from that traditional fabric.

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