The Best Tastes of Istanbul

Istanbul is a city famous for street flavors. When you come to Istanbul you must taste delicious street food.

Istanbul is the first city in the world in terms of food tourism as well as history and health tourism. Unique street tastes attract the attention of tourists. Let’s look at some of these street flavors together:



It’s a well-known fact that even the most elite of Istanbulites have a hard time resisting the tantalizing scent of this freshly baked, molasses-dipped and sesame-crusted dough.

Turkey’s answer to the American bagel, simit is a staple of breakfasts on-the-go. Even day-old simit has its use as seagull feed.



The number two most popular street food in the city is indisputably balık-ekmek, better known as the fish sandwiches that are impossible to ignore anytime you’re near the Karaköy or Eminönü shore.

You might be tempted to sit down at any one of the restaurants below the Galata Bridge to feast on these tasty sandwiches, but take it from the locals: the balık-ekmek you’re served at a table is just not the same as the one you enjoy on your feet.



Dürümis one of the most democratic Turkish culinary inventions. Why? You’re just as likely to encounter it on a street corner as you are at the fanciest of restaurants.

Whether it’s the chicken, beef, cheese or veggie variety you prefer,this meal in wrap form is sure to set you free from your hunger pangs. For crowd-pleasing dürüm, stop by Bambi or Kızılkayalar in Taksim Square at any hour of the day.



More of a snack than a meal, stuffed mussel is none other than mussels on the half shell, mixed with spicy rice and served with a squeeze of lemon juice, served right out of a tray on every other street corner in Taksim at night.

The trick with stuffed mussel is to keep eating as many as the seller gives you until you feel half-full and then stop. Otherwise, by the time the rice expands in your stomach and your brain receives the message that you’re full, you might look down to find that you’ve spent upwards of 20 TL – and worse, you just might start to feel too full.



The ultimate baked potato goes by the name kumpir in Turkey, with Ortaköy being the most popular area in the city to eat it. As soon as you see the row of kumpir sellers, each trying to beckon you to their particular display, you’ll know you found the right place.

With a myriad of toppings like kaşar cheese, sausage, corn, mayonnaise salad, peas and carrots, the possibilities are endless and the combinations infinite when it comes to kumpir.

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