The Islands: Istanbul’s Escape Point

It is true that Istanbul is hyperactive city, it is alive, energetic and crowded. It is a city that doesn’t stop night and day. But Istanbul also has a side which is calm and close to nature.  People of Istanbul look for a piece of peace at the weekends and these people usually come across at the same point. And this point is Princess Islands, which has 9 islands, small or big… We call it “The Islands” usually as Istanbulites.


These islands are… Büyükada, HeybeliadaBurgazadaKınalıada , Sedef Island, Sivriada, Yassıada, Kaşık Island and Tavşan Adası and only the first fives ones has residential population.  The Islands are at top of the favorites list because they are really in a very short distance to Istanbul. And they have been important places bot h in Hellenistic time and Roman/Byzantine period.


The Islands are among the must-see places not only because of their history. You will love the calmness, thanks to the lack of the traffic jam. The only traffic you will see  is the horse carraiges and bicycles. There are clean beaches and roads to do trekking. So if you visit İstanbul, don’t forget also to see The Islands.

Büyükada (which means The Grand Island) is the most popular amongst all those islands and if you go there, the island will offer you a great time that you can spend with your family and friends in its peaceful, silent and fun environment.

How to go to The Islands from Sultanahmet?

So, how to go to the Islands from Sultanahmet? Actually it is very easy. You don’t even need to get in the traffic. Just take the tram from Sultanahmet to Kabataş and you will see the pier close to the tram station. In that pier, you will find the boats leaving to the Islands very often.

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