The Best Tourist Attractions in Istanbul

We tried to list the best tourist attractions in Istanbul which you can evaluate on weekends or different dates in Istanbul, in this article.

Tourist Attractions in Istanbul

Hagia Sophia Trip

From the past to the present day, you can take a tour to the Hagia Sophia Museum, which has hosted various civilizations, and you can easily access to a lot of special information about the Hagia Sophia. The free tour, which starts from Sultan Ahmet Park around 11 o’clock, takes 2.5 hours. You can experience special moments by going to the Hagia Sophia tour which is the symbol of Istanbul.

The Egyptian Bazaar

With a history of 400 years, the Egyptian bazaar is one of the most special places to admire. You can find various kinds of spices in your nose, so to speak, a feast is pulled. The Egyptian bazaar, which combines the spice culture of Europe and Asia, is one of the most special places to visit in Istanbul.

Galata bridge

Galata Bridge, which we are used to seeing on TV, hosts hundreds of fishermen every day. Galata Bridge, which is one of the only stopping point for those who come to take the fishing line in a good time, is the transit route of cars and trams. You can easily enjoy the history of fishing on the Galata Bridge, which is one of the works of Istanbul that will allow you to have a wonderful day.


Experience a Different Moment at Sura Hotels

Located in the heart of Sultanahmet, Sura Hotels offers a unique accommodation service inspired by the historical fabric and cultural riches of Istanbul. To enrich your trip to Istanbul with the magnificent view of Hagia Sophia, you should try Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel and Sura Design Hotel in the heart of Sultanahmet.

Take a Museum Trip

If you enjoy a trip to the museum; Istanbul is a museum-like city. There are many historical and historical artifacts that will attract your attention. Pera Museum is one of the most important museums you should visit in Istanbul. The museum, whose opening dates back to 2005, has special works like Anatolian drawings and historical tiles waiting for you.


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