The Best Beaches of Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. During the summer vacation, you can get to the sea and the sun on the best beaches of Istanbul. There are wonderful beaches in Istanbul where you can get away from your longing for the blue waters.

Best Beaches in Istanbul


The BURC, run by the Bogazici University Alumni Association, is not at all like a college beach. It is a quiet and pleasant place for both the 30’s and the families with children.Lie down on the huge pillows and sunbathe or read your book under shadows which was happened by parasols. There are beach volleyball, kite board and wind surf for those who want to be active.

Best Beaches of Istanbul

Babylon Kilyos

This is the place music lovers meet in the summer months. If you wish you can lie down on the sand, spread on the grass and enjoy the music of Babylon Kilyos. Do not forget to click here before you go and check if there is a concert or activity in Babylon Kilyos.

Best Beaches of Istanbul

Suma Beach

DJs here start to work at 7 in the morning and stay up until late of night. Sun, sea, sand, grass, yoga, workshops, music, food – whatever you are looking for is the coolest here. Click here for shuttle info and upcoming events.

Suma Beach


People on the Asian continent may enjoy a beach like Silla, instead of similar to going to Kilyos on the other side of the city. From the sunbeds set up under the umbrellas on the sand to the DJ performances, ice-cold cocktails, everything you are looking for on a beach is here. If you think you have some fun while you are out to sea, do not miss the DJs who appeared during the weekend at midnight.

Best Beaches of Istanbul

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