The Adile Sultan Palace

Adile Sultan Palace is an historical building located at Uskudar Istanbul. The palace built in 1856 under the leadership of Sarkin Balyan, was a gift for Abdülmecit’s sister.

The palace has been used throughout the history as school, hospital, orphanage, preventorium. After many experiences, it can be used for weddings, graduation, gala dinners, meetings, conferences, seminars, lunches and dinners. Adile Sultan Palace with its unique view of the Bosphorus is among the unforgettable places for your special days. If you have not see the palace, you should add it to your list.


Adile Sultan Palace has total 5 thousand 625 square meters usage area with dining and meeting room for 500 people, a small meeting room for 200 people, 1300 square meters a cocktail and exhibition hall, 20 seminar rooms for 30-40 people, a restaurant for 150 persons, a cafeteria for 60 people, a museum, management and various service.

Here, you can eat dinner and organize your special days as well. The three-part palace was built in the east-west direction. It is long and rectangular. In the centre of the palace, there is the section for men. While the exterior is simple, in the interior, there are rococo engravings. Adile Sultan left the palace in 1868. In 1916, the palace started to be used as the first residential school of the period.

Who Is Adile Sultan?

In 1825, Adile Sultan was born as the second daughter of Sultan II. Mahmud.   She is one of the exclusively women of the Ottoman Empire. She is a very well-educated divan writer. Although her writings’ literary value is controversial in comparison with contemporary female poets Leyla and Fitnat Hanım, they are an important source of many issues regarding Ottoman history. Her poems are important resource to understand her family, relatives, also the environment of the palace.

Adile Sultan was the only female poet who was the Divan writer at the Ottoman dynasty. She compiled her poems that got inspiration from Yunus Emre, Fuzuli and Şeyh Galip in her book called ‘Adile Sultan’s Divan’.  She saw five reign periods and has dedicated himself to charity her entire lifetime, has given importance to education and contributed to the development of Kandilli region.

Because her mother Zernigar Sultan died at a young age, Nevfidan Kadın raised her.  Adile Sultan married Chief Admiral Mehmet Ali Pasha in 1845 who was the Tophane Missionary and later Mehmet Ali Pasha. Then, Mehmet Ali Pasha became Grand Vizier.


But Adile Sultan lost her three children then her husband and finally her young daughter. Adile Sultan donated this palace to the government in 1899 with the condition that the It would be a girl school.

Where Is The Adile Sultan Palace And How To Go?

Address: Vaniköy Avenue, Sıraevler Street.  No: 12, Üsküdar / İstanbul
Bus: The nearest bus station to reach the palace is the Girls High School Bus Station. You can reach the palace by 15 KÇ Çavuşbaşı – Üsküdar and 15 ŞN Şenevler – Üsküdar busses.


Adile Sultan Palace: Wedding Price

Adile Sultan Palace can be appropriate for you, if you want to make a magnificent wedding with Bosphorus view.

However, the prices of the rooms, which are comfortable and luxurious, are directly proportional to their quality. Although there is no standard price for the invitation menus of Adile Sultan Palace, the fees vary according to the content of the menus and the number of guests.

We can say that prices start at 100 Euro + VAT per person. The palace garden can host 1000 people but the saloon can host 500 guests. Everything about the bride and groom’s comfort during the wedding is considered to the finest detail.

Telephone: (0212) 252 97 38

Adile Sultan Palace: Dinner Prices

The restaurant you can visit at Adile Sultan Palace belongs to Borsa Restaurant.  If you want to eat here, the average price for 2 people will be 250 TL.

Cold entrees and olive oil dishes vary from 18 to 22 TL, hot entrees vary from 11 to 32 TL, salads vary from 18 to 22 TL, main courses vary from 42 to 69 TL, kebabs vary from 44 to 59 TL, seafood vary from 78 TL and desserts vary from 16 to 22 TL.

Adile Sultan Palace serves the Ramadan menus for its visitors during the Ramadan. On the menu you will find of classic Turkish foods, Ottoman cuisine and regional dishes of Anatolia. If you wonder about the price of Adile Sultan Palace breakfast, the restaurant does not have breakfast service.

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