That’s How You Enjoy the Bosphorus In Istanbul!

The Bosphorus is one of the things that make Istanbul that special. It is kind of the evil eye talisman of Istanbul. While the air is slowly getting colder, Istanbulians are getting their last days with the beautiful Bosphorus atmosphere. Even though you can still have a nice cup of coffee in a seaside cafe while looking at the Bosphorus.
In this article, we have enlisted ways to enjoy the Bosphorus in the Fall. Here are 25 must do’s for the Bosphorus:

How to Enjoy the Bosphorus?

  • By drinking the beautiful lemonade of the Bebek Cafe.
  • By eating Kup Griye in the Bebek Baylan.
  • By doing a Bosphorus tour with the boats taking off from Ortaköy.
  • By fishing a little bit at the Kuruçeşme Coast.
  • By eating the world famous Kanlıca Yogurt.
  • By eating season fish at the fish restaurants.
  • By enjoying Sunday mornings and a breakfast at Rumelian Fortress.
  • By eating baked potatoes at Ortaköy and watching Bosphorus.
  • By taking a stroll in the Bebek Park.
  • By having a nice tea across the Maiden’s Tower, in the Üsküdar.
  • By doing a fast run from Aşiyan to Bebek.
  • By drinking literally anything with the view of the Bosphorus.
  • By doing a visit to many palaces beside the Bosphorus.
  • By cooling off in the Bosphorus viewed Çırağan Palace pool.
  • By having ”Börek” and ”Ayran” at the Sarıyer Börekçisi.


  • By making a little motor tour with the motor boats taking off from Üsküdar.
  • By drinking foamy Turkish Coffee in the Bebek Kahvesi.
  • By attending to a nice concert inside of the Kuruçeşme Arena.
  • By having a dance in places that overlook Bosphorus.
  • By having a croquant ice cream in The House Cafe at Ortaköy.
  • By having a bright red tea in the Çınaraltı.
  • By eating pilaf with chicken at the Emirgan Sütiş.
  • By just laying down in the Emirgan Park.
  • By doing some sightseeing from the roof of the Sabancı Museum.
  • By having aromatized cold beer at the Bebek Taps.

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