Thats How You Enjoy Beyoğlu! What To Do? Where To Go?

Beyoğlu is among the oldest and most luxurious areas of Istanbul since the conquest of Istanbul. There are infinite things to do in Beyoğlu. Even though it depends on the person to person, we have decided to help a little bit for the tourists visiting that beautiful area. And we have prepared the list for ‘how to enjoy beyoğlu in just 20 steps’.

beyoğlu guide ile ilgili görsel sonucu

  • By drinking something and looking at the city from the top at the 360 Istanbul.
  • Having a little trip inside the Fishermen Bazaar, which is located in Galatasaray.
  • By buying a Turkish delight or candy from the Üç Yıldız in the Fishermen Bazaar.
  • By choosing from the one more beautiful than the other pencils at the Panter Stationery.
  • Having a nice old sweating season at the Galatasaray Bath House.
  • By buying a book or a record from the used-book bazaar in Aslıhan.
  • Paying a visit to the Beyoğlu Municipalities library which consists of every kind of publishings about Istanbul.
  • By having a heavy drinking night at least once in Nevizade.
  • Of course, eating a profiterole or Uludağ at the İnci Patisserie.
  • Lingering around the second-hand shops at the Rumeli Passage.
  • Doing a shopping in the Beyoğlu İş Merkezi.
  • Drinking a nice hot tea at the Haco Pulo’s yard.
  • By buying some authentic and second-hand clothes from the shops inside of the Terkos Passage.
  • Eating a liver shish in the Canım Ciğerim.
  • Paying a visit to the museums in the Yapı Kredi.
  • Touring the colorful shops at the basement floor of Aznavur Passage.
  • Doing an exploration tour at the new shops of Tünel and the Galata.
  • By eating a delicious mouth-watering meatball portion from the Köfteci Hüseyin.
  • Eating a nice meal from the Çiçek Passage restaurants.
  • Watching a lovely concert.

In this beautiful area, you can see the ”new” side of Istanbul and new style comes with the many European-style structures. The Galata part of Beyoğlu was known as the ”Pera” once upon a time and it was among the most luxurious and elite districts of the city. Beyoğlu literally means ”the son of the Governor” in old Turkish. Inside of this beautiful area, mostly non-Muslim minorities and the foreign diplomatic community lived and the architectural structure of many buildings actually reflects that. It is still home to many foreigners and foreign diplomatic officials with many official buildings. Among the most important areas in Beyoğlu, comes Tünel Square, İstiklal Avenue, Galatasaray Square, Galata Dervish Lodge, Private Art Museums and many more.


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