Ten Famous Mansions of Istanbul and the Bosphorus

Istanbul is one of the unique cities with its architectural design, as much as its natural beauty. Because of that, we have listed 10 yalis with the best architectural design for you.

First of all, let’s start with the word ”yali”, which actually means a waterside mansion. Yalis are waterside mansions generally lining through the Bosphorus. They were traditionally built by early rich families of the Ottoman Empire and the Greeks before that. People used to use yalis as a second home for hot days just like summer. Even though most of the antique yalis have been destroyed by different reasons, there are still lots of them are still standing but they are generally from 18th, 19th and 20th century.

Sait Halim Pasha Mansion

The famous Sait Halim Pasha Mansion with its magnificence, both with interior and with its exterior design, is one of the most prominent mansions in the Istanbul. The view from the mansion reveals all the beautiful shades of the Bosphorus. The mansion which has hosted many movies and soap operas date back to the 19th century.


Esma Sultan Mansion

Esma Sultan Mansion is located in Ortaköy with its abundant history smell. The Mansion which hosts many varied organizations is also being used as a hotel too. With its history dating back to the Ottoman Era, it can be refreshing to just have a coffee in its green-blue nature.


Ahmet Fethi Pasha Mansion

Ahmet Fethi Pasha Mansion which is located in the Üsküdar coast is also known as the Pink Mansion. Being on the list of the most expensive mansions, Ahmet Fethi Pasha is one of the most famous Mansions of Istanbul too.


Fuat Pasha Mansion

Fuat Pasha Mansion which is located at the Sarıyer and has traces from the 18th century Ottoman Era is one of the best examples from Ottoman architectural style. This fable mansion is one of the most prominent mansions both with its location and with its grandness.


Hidiva Mansion

Hidiva Mansion or with its other name Emine Valide Pasha Mansion was built by Abdülhamid II. The mansion which is located in the middle of the Bebek Coast is being used as the Egyptian Embassy nowadays. It is one of the eyeful mansions with its pompous architecture and style.


Gül Sultan Mansion

One of the mansions that you can feel the beautiful Istanbul view with all of your heart is the Gül Sultan Mansion. With its elegant pink rose color, it is located between two bridges in the Bosphorus. It is still being used as an organization place for many activities.


Kıbrıslı Mansion

Kıbrıslı Mansion which is located in the Üsküdar and has served as a meeting place for many writers and authors at the past has one of the largest Bosphorus sides between all the mansions.


Hasip Pasha Mansion

One of the famous mansions that are located inside of Beylerbeyi is the Hasip Pasha Mansion. Being listed as one of the most impressive mansions for its architectural style, this one is one of the symbolic and identical places of Istanbul too.


Kont Ostrorog Mansion

The Mansion which is located at the Kandilli has one of the most fascinating views of all. With its architecture and special color, it is distinguishing itself from other mansions easily.


Ahmet Afif Pasha Mansion

Ahmet Afif Pasha Mansion has been the guesthouse for so many famous figures and famous TV shows. It has an especially fascinating view from the outside.


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