Take A Vacation In Istanbul

Istanbul is the city which had been capital city of the world’s long-lived empires and united historical heritage with modernism. It’s also one of the unique and big city of the world since beginning of the modern ages.

The city which has been founded on seven hills gives a lot of choices about culture, tourism, entertainment, art and history. And it is one of the most five visited city of the world by tourists because of that.

And due to palaces, museums, mosques and churches, the natural and cultural beauties of the İstanbul, the number of tourists increase year by year.

If you don’t have time don’t wait for the off days or vacation season. Don’t forget that you can enjoy a holiday even at weekends in İstanbul.

You can happily get lost in the streets of the city which has a lot of visitor from all over the world.

Where to Stay in Istanbul?

People mostly prefer the hotels or boutique hotels around the Sirkeci, Galata, Pera, Sultanahmet and Bomonti as a first choice. This areas are the best about reflect the soul of İstanbul with its texture of history and excellent cafes.

The other one of the most preferred places like these is the Historical Peninsula. You’ll be excited about the view of the hotels you stay here and the streets which are host of thousands of year of different cultures.

Where to Stay in Istanbul

Taksim, which is the heart of the Beyoğlu and the most live district of European Side, hosts its guests from all over the world.

Taksim, which is counted as heart of İstanbul, is also the center of entertainment.

İstiklal Street which has one hundred years buildings, alleys is the other one of the most preferred places with its day and night by everyone. It is also one of the best accommodation area for tourists.

The hotels of İstanbul offer an affordable choice to every traveler and tourist. You can stay in small or boutique hotels with unique decoration or hostels in the alleys or ultra-luxury hotels.

Best Hotel in Istanbul

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