Sunset In Istanbul – An Unmatched Experience!

Istanbul is among the cities that has the best sceneries in the whole world. Even though it has many places like Beşiktaş, Kadıköy or Beylerbeyi, the best location to watch the incredible sunset is the Historical Peninsula. One just can’t get enough of watching the Historical Peninsula during sunset. Watching, photographing and feeling it to the hilt can’t be enough for this extraterrestrial sightseeing

If you are lucky enough, you might just catch the same scenery in Kadıköy too. If you are one of ”carpe diem” people, you might just want to watch the Sun going down grade by grade beneath the partial clouds, instead of photographing it. Hearing the beautiful harmony of the Historical Peninsula and Sultanahmet will accompany your joy.

istanbulda gün batımı

Sunset In Istanbul

Even though Istanbul has many diversified opportunities and mesmerizing panoramic views, watching the sun go up and down, again and again, is definitely something special. Besides watching it in the Historical Peninsula, there are actually lots of places to do so.

Çamlıca Hill is the tallest hill of all the Seven Hills in Istanbul. There has been many songs and poems devoted to Çamlıca and its great scenery. You can see Prince’s Islands, Sultanahmet Mosque, Ortaköy and many more during the Sunset. Colors of the sun will give Istanbul another meaning and make you think about your life, your decisions. Moreover, you can just have a hooka or a classical bright red Turkish tea too.

Galata Tower is one of the most prominent symbols of the city. Just looking at it from somewhere makes one get excited. Can you imagine being on the roof of Galata and watching the sunset? There are some things in life that you just cannot forget even after decades and watching the sunset in this marvelous tower is definitely one of them. 360-degree panoramic view of this historic tower will give you all the angles you need to fall in love with Istanbul. The Bosphorus, the Golden Horn, the Blue Mosque, sea and all these ferries passing by, people rushing to their home and seagulls going to the sun…

Karaköy is going step by step to become the most popular county in Istanbul. Even though it has many cafes and restaurants for the young generation, one of the most important things that make Karaköy ahead, is its sunset view. Take a cup of coffee or a cold drink and go to one of the shores in Karaköy. If you are lucky, maybe some street cat will accompany you by purring and making the view 2x unique.

Don’t let the name of Sanatkarlar Park deceive you. Even though it is a regular park, the location of this one is better than most of the specially designed restaurants or hotels. With its evergreen grass, you can just lay on them and wait for the sun to set.

sanatkarlar park view sunset ile ilgili görsel sonucu

And then there is the famous Pierre Loti Hill. This hill and cafe on top of it, has been popular since the 18th century and the view is exactly the one you hope from a cafe that is open for so long time.

pierre loti hill sunset ile ilgili görsel sonucu

And as the last one, Kalpazankaya is a great restaurant on Burgazada not only with its view but also with its great foods and drinks. You can watch the sunset in the endless sea while having a great cold beer or a hot traditional tea.

Even though there are so many options to watch the Sunset, the choice is up to you. Where ever you go and at which place you watch the sun set, it will never disappoint you.

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