Seven Best Stairs in Istanbul

We chose 7 of the most beautiful stairs in Istanbul for you. Do not leave Istanbul without seeing these beautiful and unique staircases that will brighten up your Istanbul lantern.

Kamondo Stairs

A place frequented by photographers!

There is no one who comes to Karaköy and does not see these stairs.

When you walk towards Istiklal Caddesi, you will encounter these stairs. Kamondo Stairs, which connects Voyvoda Street and Banker Street in Galata, is perhaps the most aesthetic staircases of Istanbul.

Kamondo Stairs

You can see the people who take photos every hour of the day in these staircases, which resemble a little bit of DNA structure and a Spanish staircase in Rome.

The stairs were built in the 1850s on behalf of Abraham Salomon Kamondo, one of the most important banker families in the region, the Kamondo Family.

The aim of the Spanish-Portuguese family was to increase the value of their property and to facilitate access to their banks through these stairs.Haydarpaşa Stairs.

The Haydarpasa Stairs

First-rate witnesses of divorce, reconciliation and love! Haydarpaşa Stairs, the start scene of Yeşilçam movies…

Built in 1908 by two German architects, Otto Ritter and Helmuth Cuno, the building is one of the places where tourists from Istanbul do not leave Istanbul without taking pictures on their stairs.

Cihangir Stairs

Sea and moonlight, and cats!

If you do not want to be stuck in the indoor area, if you want to chat with your loved ones in a modest environment, you are in the right place!

Cihangir Stairs is one of the most beautiful places where you can listen to your head in front of the insatiable Bosphorus view and the Historical Peninsula or you can sit with your friends and enjoy the evening sun.

Mektep Street With Stairs

Start point of photography!

If you are curious about photography and you have started a course, these are the stairs where your teachers will bring you first!

Mektep Street With Stairs

Located in Balat, one of the most beautiful districts of Istanbul, these stairs are among the places that the cinema industry cannot give up…

High Sidewalk

Go down the road from Galata, hit the water!

After removing the stairs one by one and making the asphalt road instead, the High Sidewalk no longer exists!

During the 70s of 1860, about 40 thousand people used to go from Galata to Beyoğlu every day. These staircases were inspired by a song of Ezginin Günlüğü named group.

High Sidewalk

In 1875, architect Henri Gavand’s staircase was destroyed with the idea that “It would be very profitable if you do this railway to this area!” and 40,000 people started using tunnels instead of using stairs.

The Stairs of Gezi Park

The ladder from the grave…

It is the place where the people who go to Istiklal Street and go to the Gezi Park for breathing. It feels like you’re pulling out of that marble stairway, through concrete, and at least a little bit out of the noise of the city as you go out slowly.

These stairs are made from Armenian tombstones, but it does not frighten your blood.

Tuesday Bazaar Uphill Stairs

Everywhere is colorful!

One of the most talked stairs of Istanbul is the Stairs of Tuesday Bazaar Uphill which is from Fındıklı to Cihangir…

Tuesday Bazaar Uphill Stairs

At the age of 64, Hüseyin Çetinel suddenly intervened overnight on the staircases painted with rainbow colors in four days to make people smile, and all the stairs were painted gray. Social media suddenly stood up and grabbed the brush Turkey’s point and find that a lot of people from the ladder, began painting the way.

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