Rumelia Fortress Breakfast, Where is It, How To Go

Rumelia Fortress which is located in the narrowest part of the Istanbul Bosphorus, is the most important place to be seen in Istanbul with Anatolian side where the towers are very high and the Bosphorus view. This rare artifact is located in Sarıyer which is one of the most touristic districts of Istanbul and lies directly opposite the Anatolian Fortress.

When enter the castle, firstly you meet the ruined minaret of Ebul Feth Mosque and the place where the concerts are held in our day. As entering the fort, your body are sought so as to you don’t leave litter in there. Also you cannot enter the fortress with food or beverages.

It is also a bit difficult to climb up these stairs for middle-aged people as the fortress bastions are made very high and the stairs are extremely steep. The fact that there are no guide boards or signs in the fortress is also causing you to waste your energy.

I can say it’s a little difficult to tour in fortress. First of all, these high stairs are so intimidating. Besides, because many places are closed to visit, you go from one place to the other place for nothing.

The places I like the most in Rumelia Fortress are Saruca Pasha, Zaganos Pasha and Halil Pasha Towers. These towers, each are about 30 meters long, have been very useful for conquest. The bad thing is that it is forbidden to climb up these bastions.

saruca pasha tower is in the Fatih

The Saruca Pasha Tower contributed to the fortress to be named Rumelia Fortress. This tower serves as a museum and has no entrance to other towers.

You can find the artilleries used during the conquest, a chain used by Byzantines and a very green area in the fortress, and you can enjoy the unique view of the Bosphorus from the banks here.

Today, Rumeli Fortress is hosting rather theatres and concerts. The fortress, which has quite wide inside, is very favourable for concerts.

Information About Rumelia Fortress

Fortress has four gates: Dağ, Sel, Dizdar and Hisarpeçe Gates.

Subsidiary gate is known as Mezar Gate. To give brief information about the history of the Rumeli Fortress, it is known that the fortress’ construction started on April 15, 1452, and was completed in 120 days. Besides the project of construction belonged to Muslihiddin Aga, the walls, bastions, gates and their features were determined by Mehmet the Conqueror himself.

The aim of the Rumeli Fortress was to prevent all help from the Black Sea to Byzantine and won the straits’ dominance. There is also a headgear museum in the fortress. You can also find many tea gardens and cafés in the fortress. I can say the place with best scene is the Duatepe Parkı. You can take the best photos from this place located at the top of the fortress.

The historic fortress pier is also located in the shore of the fortress.

Fortress is founded on two hills called Duatepe and Sehitlik Tepe. Şehitlik Tepe is known as place the people who volunteered to fight the Byzantines and were killed.

Historical war tools and many different artworks are exhibited in the museums in fortress. These museums where Ottoman artworks are exhibited are worth-seeing. In addition, there are food storehouses, arsenal, Turkish baths and prayer rooms in the city walls.

Zaganos Pasha Tower in fortress was built as 8 storeys, and Halil and Saruca Pasha Towers were built as 9 storeys.

Rumeli Fortress is also known as Kulle-i Cedide, Yenice Fortress and Boğazkesen Fortress.

Fortress is founded on two hills called Duatepe and Sehitlik Tepe

Where is the Rumeli Fortress and How to go?

You can reach easily this fortress, which is located in Sarıyer, Rumeli, by using Rumeli Hisarı bus stop, Boğaziçi metro stop and Etiler metro stop.

Rumeli Fortress Breakfast Places and Prices

You can find elegant and elite places in the near of fortress largely. The prices of the breakfasts in these places with sea view can be considered as affordable for the whole of Istanbul. Especially when you choose the right place, you can have a great breakfast paying less than 50 TL for 1 person breakfast.

Rumeli Fortress is a place worth-seeing with the beautiful breakfast places and historical structure. If you are planning to come here for the weekend, it is a good idea to choose early hours in the morning.[:]

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