Places You Can Go With Family: Emirgan Korusu

If you have come to Istanbul and want to visit the most beautiful city in the world with your family, one of the places you should definitely visit is the Emirgan Korusu.

The Emirgan Korusu is the most beautiful green park in Istanbul. If you come to Istanbul to travel, you must definitely visit here. The tulip festival is held every April and it is filled with people from Turkey and abroad.


There are 3 pavilions in the woods. These mansions take their names from their colors.

Yellow Pavilion

Built in bird house style, the pavilion has the finest details of the art of ornamentation. Among these pavilions are the Yellow Pavilion which is the most foreground with its view.

Emirgan Yellow Pavilion

Pink Pavilion

This pavilion, which looks like a typical Ottoman house, has been used as a pilgrimage place for a long time.

Emirgan Pink Pavilion

White Pavilion

The most special, beautiful botanical arrangement and plant variety in the Emirgan Tree. Especially in the spring months, the colorful lilies and the trees take on a very special atmosphere.

Emirgan White Pavilion

Emirgan Korusu Breakfast Prices

Breakfast per person per week: 25-30 TL

Weekend breakfast per person: 35-40 TL.

Breakfast hours are as follows: 09:00 – 14:00.

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