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One of the biggest problems of young people in Istanbul in the last few years was the inability to find a place to spend a fun and safe time. Most of the young people who had to go and have fun without a good quality fun to be able to have fun and return happily had to choose small playgrounds that were packed into shopping centers. Existing amusement parks were also quite inadequate.

Fortunately, the scope of the entertainment industry has begun to expand a bit as the big themed park projects are built one by one in Istanbul.

Currently there are two big entertainment centers, Vialand and ViaSea, and a theme park in Istanbul. One of them is in Eyüp and the other is in the exit of Anatolian side of Istanbul, mostly in Tuzla, which is close to Kocaeli.

Even if there is not as much fun to reach as far as the theme parks, we also have small amusement parks. The most important amusement parks in Istanbul are as follows:

> Feshane, Bostancı, Kurtköy Viaport AVM Park, Mall of Istanbul Shopping Mall (MOİ PARK), Cevahir AVM Park, Torium AVM Park, Bakirkoy/Zuhuratbaba, Bakirkoy/İncirli, Bahçelievler/Gündoğdu, Sultanbeyli, Bayrampaşa/Adapark, Kagithane/Sadabat Park, Maltepe Dragos, Eyüp/Yesilpınar, Bağcılar/Çınar, Buyukcekmece, Yenibosna, Küçükçekmece, Avcılar, Kartal, Samandıra…

These amusement parks are quite inadequate when we think of Istanbul’s population. So you need to look at the function rather than the number of parks.

Half of them are in shopping centers and half are in neighborhoods. Especially if we consider the amusement parks between the neighborhoods; gondolas, ferris wheel and putting the car into the fighting park. When we compare the fun parks of Istanbul with the fun parks of the capital Ankara, the funny differences arise.

Vialand Theme Park

When we look at the prices, it is a known fact that some amusement parks take exorbitant prices. We think it is possible to come across charges ranging from 3 TL to 25 TL. When we look at the theme parks, this figure is getting even bigger.


In particular, prices for Vialand Theme Park vary between 60-100 TL for different periods. In order for a 4-member family to enter the park and enjoy unlimited fun, Vialand must hand over the minimum wage quartet that day. While this number is the power to afford families with good financial resources, households with a minimum wage can’t even go near the Vialand dream.

There is no rule that you will be enjoying the full adrenaline life. Istanbul is a paradise. It is possible to find places to spend a lot of time in each district, in each district. Generally, Istanbulites prefer gigantic shopping centers to spend time, but there is also a pleasant life on the open sea.


Eminönü, the only luxury of the poor, is the only favorite center for people from all walks of life, with its unique history and view of the Bosphorus. Eating fish, fishing, roasting (Bosphorus Tour, Kadikoy, Üsküdar, Haliç), shopping at a cheap price (Mahmutpaşa – Tahtakale), Galata Bridge, the Egyptian Bazaar and the Grand Bazaar are among the indispensable schools of Eminönü.


You can also set Eminönü as the starting point of your route to start exploring Istanbul’s historic peninsula.

Because it is a very central point, it is hard to reach the Eminönü district of Istanbul. You can easily reach by public transport. Citizens wishing to prefer the rail system can easily reach Eminönü by descending the Golden Horn station of Haciosman – Yenikapi Metro, Sirkeci station of Marmaray (Kadıköy Ayrılıkçeşimesi – Zeytinburnu Kazlıçeşme), T1 Bağcilar – Zeytinburnu – Kabataş street tram at Eminönü station.

A Sultanate March from Gülhane to Sarayburnu

You can visit the Gülhane Park, one of the best natural and national parks of Istanbul, and breathe fresh air. Parallel to the Topkapi Palace, the park is covered with these trees and is legendary enough to forget the intensity of the city. You can take as many selfies as you like between flowers without harming the environment.

A Sultanate March from Gülhane to Sarayburnu

You can also enjoy the panoramic view of the Bosphorus at the Sarayburnu exit of the park. Here you will find panorama of the whole of Istanbul from Karaköy to the Islands. You can also choose the coastline stretching from Sarayburnu to Cankurtaran for your walks.

You can get off the T1 Bağcılar-Zeytinburnu-Kabataş tram at the Gülhane stop by the rail system.


Taksim faces you as a Beyoglu neighborhood, where you can come from all kinds of people. Istiklal Caddesi, people wanting to enjoy the walk, Nevizade Galatasaray entertainment enthusiasts, Asmalımescit and French (Algeria) Street are waiting for other entertainment enthusiasts. Taksim has a place where you can get as much alcohol as you want and listen to music.


M2 Taksim station of Haciosman-Yenikapi metro station, Taksim station of F1 Taksim-Kabatas funicular line, buses, minibuses and minibuses departing from all over Istanbul can be preferred for transportation.

The best transportation alternatives for reaching the Galata – Tunnel part of İstiklal Caddesi M2 is the F2 Karaköy – Historical Tunnel funicular and T2 Taksim-Tunnel nostalgic tramway line, which is the second oldest subway station of the world, with the Şişhane station of M2 Hacıosman-Yenikapı metro.

Maiden’s Tower – Üsküdar Coast

There is nothing like being there in the unique sunset view. We especially recommend that you find any place on the Üsküdar coast near the sunset. My most recommended area is the Salacak district, accompanied by the Maiden’s Tower.

maiden's tower

Buses and minibuses depart for Üsküdar from most provinces near Anatolia. You can also choose the ferry boats from Eminönü, Kabataş and Beşiktaş, Üsküdar station of Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy metro station or Üsküdar station of Marmaray (Kadıköy Ayrılıkçeşme – Zeytinburnu Kazlıçeşme).


The Ortaköy Mosque and the Grand Mosque Mosque, known as the Ortaköy Mosque, come to mind in the name of Ortaköy. The unique harmony on the throat of the Bosphorus Bridge comes from kumpir and waffles.


Especially if you like kumpir, you can definitely choose the kumpirciler in Ortaköy. Of course you can go not only for one meal but also for living closer to Istanbul. There you will meet a landscape that you recognize from the postcards.

Although the transportation is a bit difficult due to the sahalyolu traffic; Direct bus departs from Kabatas, Besiktas, Taksim and Yenikapi.

European Strait Walk

The uprising coast is designated as a wellness march area.

The only problem for you here is that you can try materialism. If you prefer to eat, you will have to open your mouth a little.

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