Open Buffet Breakfast at Sura Design Hotel

Welcome to the address of unique tastes. The fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is arguably one that is accepted by everyone. After we have spent our body, evening and night, it is necessary that we can regain the power that we need.

Especially in the morning breakfast, balanced and healthy diet, avoiding heavy food consumption, the most delicious way to start a positive day.

Open Buffet Breakfast at Sura Hotels

Start your day with a buffet breakfast, one of the services offered to guests of Sura Design Hotel. You do not want to say no to a nice breakfast before your journey in the center of history.

Sura Hotels’ open buffet breakfast with its gourmet staff, delicious tastes and dozens of different awaits you and your esteemed guests.

Sura Hotels’ rich buffet breakfast; is home to many foods such as pastries, yoghurt and daily dairy products, exotic Turkish cheeses, sliced or whole fruit, breakfast cereals, dried fruits, grains, international delicacies, egg dishes, traditional pastries (pies and pancakes).

The tastes presented are produced by Sura Hotels’ specialist cooks, under the supervision of a dietician, adhering to all kinds of hygiene and health rules.

The most important feature of an open buffet breakfast is that guests can see the options directly and instantly choose the food they want. In addition, guests can get as much as their portion of the meal.

The buffet breakfast service, where you can find the opportunity to experience healthy and delicious rich dishes as much as a buffet meal, aims to offer the best for its guests both in terms of visual and taste.

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