Natural Places to Visit in The Autumn

Autumn is approaching with the end of summer. We have listed natural places to visit in Istanbul in the autumn for our esteemed readers.

Natural Places to Visit in Istanbul in The Autumn Part 1

We can start the first part of our list of natural places to visit in Istanbul in the autumn.



Located between Besiktas and Ortakoy, Yildiz Park, the largest grove in the center of Istanbul, offers its visitors a splendor of nature and color in the city center in autumn. Tent Kiosk, Maltese Kiosk and Kir Kahvesi’nin you can take a break, as well as the picnic tables lined along Yıldız Park or the grass area under the trees are also available for a picnic. The entrance to the Yıldız Park is located both from the opposite of Çırağan Palace on the Beşiktaş Ortaköy road and from Palanga Street extending from Balmumcu to Ortaköy. Pedestrian entrance to Yildiz Park is free of charge.



In the Anatolian Poplar area, which is a pleasant route to visit in autumn, after visiting Yoros Castle and watching the gorge from the hill, you can have breakfast at Yoros Café which is positioned as steppes on the slope extending from Castle to Poplar, you can have breakfast on wooden swings and you can ride on wooden swings. You can enjoy ice cream or waffles. ‘The most beautiful breakfast is the breakfast I have prepared at home eniz if you say after the breakfast poured on the road after visiting Yoros Castle, you can enjoy fish overlooking the sea in the Anatolian Poplar. Mussel pan and potatoes are a nice alternative in seaweed restaurant. After dinner, it can be enjoyable to reach out to Poyrazköy and walk on the beach. On sunny days, the tables of Poyrazköy fishermen near the beach can also be used for late lunch.



Deraliye Terrace Restaurant is a restaurant with a unique view, which is committed to making its guests from all corners of the world happy with its cuisine blended with Eastern and Western flavors. It has a unique panoramic view of Istanbul, overlooking Sultanahmet and Hagia Sophia.

The second part of our list of natural places to visit in Istanbul in the Autumn can be reach here.



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