Must Do 25 Activities Around Istanbul – Have a Day Off!

Towns and areas around Istanbul with their silence and peace, are definitely among the best places for those who want to do a day off or a short trip. We have prepared a special list and compass of those areas just for you to enjoy places not just in, but around Istanbul too.

Here are the 25 must do activities to do around Istanbul: 

  • Having a fish feast at the Anadolu Kavağı, across the Bosphorus and then have a ”lokma” which is kind of a donut.
  • Taste the Bosphorus’s unique view from the Rumeli Kavağı by having a sip from your Turkish Coffee.
  • Watching the sunset from the edge of Silivri Mendireği.
  • Taking a romantic barefoot walk at the long beach of Kumburgaz.
  • Playing golf at the Kemerburgaz and Silivri golf areas.
  • Having a delicious grill time at the self-catering places of Kilyos.
  • Attending to one of the night beach parties in Kilyos.
  • Having an excellent breakfast at the Polonezköy with its great forest view.
  • Exploring the caves in the Ağva.
  • Enjoying the view and the silence at one of the riverside pensions at the Ağva.
  • Doing a canoe or pedalo tour in the Ağva river.
  • Drinking a real Turkish tea at the Şile lighthouse.
  • Buying a home-made jam from Polonezköy.
  • See the Şile Castle.


  • Do an unforgettable rakı-fish night at Barba Yani, Burgazada.
  • Eat a ”kuyu kebabı” in the Kalpazankaya Restaurant, Burgazada which is a kebab cooked in an underground oven.
  • Renting a sandal at the Prince’s Islands and chasing the moonlight.
  • Having a Sunday breakfast with the classical music at the Büyükada Kültürevi.
  • Tasting the lemon flavored ice cream from the Prinkapos, just at the right side of the Büyükada pier.
  • Making a wish by going to the Hagia Yorgi Church.
  • Having a raki – fish at one of the beach restaurants of Büyükada.
  • Tasting the famous palm of Büyükada.
  • Doing a walk one to one with nature at one of the walking routes in the Rumeli Lighthouse area.
  • Having a weekend away at one of the bungalow houses in the Rumeli Lighthouse area and jump at the trampoline in the middle of the sea.


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