Meeting Point of Cultures Sultanahmet

Sultanahmet, which had been the capital of great empires such as Byzantium and Ottoman Empire; one of the most important tourist destinations that still maintains its validity today!

Sultanahmet, where millions of tourists visit every day; It is one of the most important tourist destinations of Turkey.

Hagia Sophia Museum, Sultanahmet Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern, Istanbul Archeology Museums, Museum of Turkish Islamic Art, Haseki Hürrem Sultan Hamami, Hagia Irini Church, Caferağa Madrasa, Mosaic Museum, Museum of Islamic Science and Technology History, Health Museum and Press Museum are just some of the many historical tourist sites hosted by Sultanahmet.

In addition to its historical location, the Sultanahmet district, which holds the national park Gülhane Park beside it, carries many places to see in Istanbul. In the immediate vicinity of Sultanahmet, there are historic districts like Cemberlitas, Cankurtaran, Beyazit and Eminönü.

Lower Side is Hippodrome, Upper Side is Square

Sultanahmet Square has a very unknown fact. The place where the Byzantine Emperor Constantine talks to his people is Sultanahmet Square. In the Byzantine period this square was known as Atmeydanı.

It is not known how it is, but the hippodrome floor is 4-5 meters high. And there are only 3 monuments left. These monuments can be seen in the square; The Knitted Obelisk is the Obelisk brought from Egypt and the Serpent Column brought from the Temple of Apollo in Delphi.

Basilica Cistern

Another interesting structure of Sultanahmet is Yerebatan Cistern which is still underground. The only difference from the hippodrome is that it serves as an open museum for tourism.

Basilica Cistern beauty of Istanbul

The things that will surprise you are the columns of Medusa, the fishes and the water that drips from above.

The Million Stone

In the past, many people in our country have settled in a monument, saying that this is the center of the world. But the situation in Istanbul is a bit different. Because it has a historical meaning.

Million Stone

Million Stone; It was used as a zero point in the Byzantine Empire to calculate the distance of the starting point of all ancient Roman roads reaching the city of Constantinople and the distance of this city from other cities around the world.

Culture Square

The meeting point that millions of tourists visit every day is a complete culture. Because every day you can meet people from various countries of the world.

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