Main Places to Visit in Istanbul

Istanbul is an amazing city which unite two continents. You should spare days to enjoy this unique city, which has too many variances, as much as you can.

When there are too many places to see and activities to do, you have a necessity like roosting in a central place. This “Main Places to Visit in Istanbul” advices of our will be useful for who come to the city as first time.

Where Should You Roost in Istanbul?

You need to decide how do you want to spend your holiday before you come to Istanbul for not to lose time. Should you roost in a historical area or somewhere close to entertainment and shopping center? Here are the areas which has too many hotels:

Taksim: Taksim is my first answer to the question of “Where should you roost in Istanbul?”  It has too many options like luxury hotel chains and humble town hotels. And most of them in the square of Taksim.


When you roost here, you have a big advantage like being in equal distance to entertainment places and historical locations to visit. The other my favorite thing about Taksim is -and I’m sure you’ll love it too- located in the center of public transportation. You can reach where ever you want in a short time.

Galata: Galata is located in Beyoğlu like Taksim and it is the other district I can advice. It is one of the most historical areas of Istanbul and also satisfying shopping, strolling around entertainment places. The hotels here are not big as the ones in Taksim. But they are equal in service quality.


Sultanahmet: Sultanahmet, which is in the center of Istanbul’s (which had been capital city of empires) historical peninsula is a perfect roosting area for a holiday with history. There are facilities over 800 in the region.

The prices of overnight accommodation in hotels depend on distance to square. But you can find affordable facilities in the street alley.


This hotels with amazing unique views are within walking distance to Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia Museum which are the one of the most important examples of Ottoman and Byzantine architecture.

We continue to write about the places to visit and stay in Istanbul.

Haliç: Haliç is appropriate who wants to be near to Sultanahmet and Beyoğlu but not want crowded. In this region which separates two the European side, the elegant hotels compete with each other to give customers comfort.haliç

The Haliç hotels can be chosen for both business and tourism cause of nearness to Congress Center. You can begin a day with perfect breakfast and go to the city tour easily from Haliç.

Üsküdar: Üsküdar is a residential area with a lot of option for roosting who prefers to stay in Asia side. There are boutique hotels, apartments for rent and city hotels with affordable prices.

It is possible to roost in the shore of the Bosphorus or 40 minutes distance to Sabiha Gökçen Airport in Üsküdar which is one of the oldest district of Istanbul.

You can reach from the hotels to the famous Maiden’s Tower in a short time. Or you can top the Greater Çamlıca Hill and see the all Istanbul from there. Also with the sea transportation you can pass to European side easily in a day.

Kadıköy: Kadıköy is another important roosting area in the Asian side and favorite of the native and foreigner tourists. They prefer Kadıköy cause of historical texture, vacation spot and easy transportation.

The prices of hotels are more advantageous from the other districts in Kadıköy which preferred for business and entertainment both.


You can go to the neighbor districts like Eminönü, Taksim, Karaköy, Üsküdar, Beşiktaş from the public transportation spots after a beautiful breakfast at the hotel.

The Princes’ Islands: If you want to spend your holiday near to city center but far away from the complexity of the city I suggest you to roost in the Princes Islands. 4 of 9 islands are settlement.

You can prefer Big Island which is center of the Princes Islands for roosting options. You can get around with walking, riding bike or phaetons. All motorized vehicles are banned here.

the princes islands istanbul

You can eat meals which prepared with fresh seafood in the restaurant of the hotel or places around there. The hotels of Princes Islands serve in historic mansions. You can have peaceful vacation there.

When you roost in Big Island, you can visit the other islands ore central districts of Istanbul with ferry on the same day.

Best Hotel in Istanbul

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