List of the Best Tradesmen Restaurants in Istanbul

Turkish and Ottoman Cuisine’s classical tastes, generous portions, modest prices at the artisan restaurants that offer indispensable frequent spots of lunch. In this list you will find the best tradesman’ restaurants in Istanbul.

Kanaat Restaurant – Üsküdar

Kanaat Restaurant located in the center of Üsküdar for almost 100 years, you can find carefully prepared flavors of Turkish and Ottoman Cuisine.

Kanaat Restaurant

In the restaurant where a Rumelian family has run since the day it was opened, you can choose your favorite dish from behind the glass and eat it at your table. At the Kanaat Restaurant, such dishes as shepherd’s roast, eggplant kebab and Özbek pilaf are still cooked with traditional flavors.

Şen Restaurant – Bostancı

In addition to tripe, salting, headband sausages, as well as delicious chicken saute food is also very delicious in the Historical Şen Restaurant.

Şen Restaurant

The delicious pancakes cooked in the wood oven are also worth tasting. There is also an indispensable compost and sherbet of Ottoman cuisine in the restaurant, which is located on the tile in the southeastern and the Russian mantissa is among the specialties.

Pidesun – Kadıkoy

The watery eateries in the traditional artisan restaurants are not found in Pidesun in Kadıköy district. But Pidesun is the best bakery and mushroom of Istanbul, so you will not feel this lack. Pidesun is a very central place in Kadıköy Moda Street.

Pidesun’da abundant and quality material that meets the dough; it turns into a closed, open, yogurt pidey. Ravioli as well as the pivots cooked in wood fire are worth trying.

Yanyalı Fehmi Restaurant – Kadıköy

The Yanyalı Fehmi Restaurant, located just at the entrance of Kadiköy’s Historical Fishers Market, was founded by Fehmi Sönmezler who migrated from Yanya in the west of Greece.

Yanyalı Fehmi Restaurant

Beyoğlu and Sirkeci and then just started serving in Kadıköy restaurant is the most famous dish Yanyalı köfte. This dumplings, prepared with roasted eggplant, is definitely recommended. You can eat lunch or dinner every day in Yanyalı where you can find 100 kinds of food from Ottoman and Turkish cuisine.

Ali Baba from Erzincan – Süleymaniye

The most delicious bean jug of Sulaymaniyah, where the dry bean jam is located side by side, is Erzincan Ali Baba.

Ali Baba from Erzincan

Since 1924, Erzincan Ali Baba, who has been using Erzincan’s famous dermon bean jars, has been indispensable for the Turkish Cuisine such as fresh beans, tray kebabs, fried dumplings and tas kebabs.

Nato Restaurant – Karaköy

Turkey’s entry into NATO in 1952, opened in honor of Karakoy NATO service begins at noon and dinner. Karaköy Nato Restaurant continues to be a popular lunch spot, despite the concentration of modern, glamorous and luxurious cafes, bars and restaurants in the region.

With its wooden facade, white walls, Karakoy Nato Restaurant has generous portions, modest prices and a menu that changes every day.

Soup, kebab, grilled meats and olive oil dishes are colorful and attractive, as well as salads, rice and daily traditional Turkish desserts.

Lades – Taksim

The adventure started with Lades Muhallebicisi, opened by Ahmet Celikkol on Tarlabaşı Street in 1969, continues with Lades Restaurant which he established in 1986 with his brother Mehmet Celikkol.

Lades Tumblebug and Lades Restaurant is served in Sadri Alışık Sokak. In the restaurant part of Lades you can eat classical dishes like Roast, tandır lamb shank. The desserts of Lades are very attentive and tasty because they are of pudding origin. You can find classics like candy, bread kadayıf, zucchini dessert.

Historical Peninsula’s Taste Street: Hocapaşa Restaurant

Eminönü and Sirkeci neighborhoods are located right in the center of the Istanbul Historical Peninsula and are frequented by Istanbul residents on weekends. The Great Post Office Street in Sirkeci and the surroundings of the Egyptian Bazaar in Eminönü are almost full of human.

It is very enjoyable to take a break in Hocapaşa Restaurant after shopping in the historical bazaars of Istanbul, the Bosphorus Bazaar or the Mahmutpaşa Bazaar.

Butcher Osman – Eminönü

Butcher Osman is the place where you can eat the most delicious döner of Istanbul. It is located at the corner of the right wing of Hocapaşa Street. You can see the Hocapaşa Mosque right next door. The best meal of the butcher Osman is the portion turn. You can also find various traditional Meat and Kebab dishes.

Filibe Meatballs

Filibe Meatballs is one of the few options that comes to mind as the best place to eat meatballs in Istanbul. I can personally say that he made more delicious meatballss than Sultanahmet Köftecisi. Filibe Meatballs, run by the same family for several generations, is a centuries-old flavor stop.


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