Istanbul’s Most Active Beach: Kilyos

Istanbul’s Most Active Beach: Kilyos

Kilyos is a place it comes to Istanbulites mind when you think of a beach. This county is one of the summer places for Istanbul which is actually 25 kilometers away from the metropolitan city. You can reach that cute county by passing through ways in Belgrad Forest. After the beautiful forest scenery, you will be welcomed by a beach view and it will be an unforgettable experience.

Just like in the other coastal counties, Kilyos has many pensions, restaurants and DJ performances, especially in Summer. You can see even rock festivals in here.



Even though it can be seen as ‘only-summer’ place, Kilyos is more than that. You can have a relaxing weekend away in this lovely county and have a nice cup of coffee next to the Black Sea. Moreover, there are many late-night activities in here too. It is currently a hot place for young Istanbulites. You can reach there not only by Belgrad Forest but also from the Sarıyer coast road which is only 45 minutes away from Istanbul Center. But remember, that route can be very crowded during weekends because of all these people rushing to that magnificent landscape. So,  going there at fall or winter is another advantage because of the crowdedness too.

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