Istanbul’s Great Shopping Centers

In Istanbul, which is the city with the most shopping centers in Europe, construction of a new shopping mall is being started day by day. Thanks to the shopping centers that have risen with a great frenzy, many options for the Istanbulites have begun to emerge. People prefer the more familiar shopping grounds and popular shopping grounds close to public transportation routes.

In this article, which is thought to be useful among tens of thousands of tourists visiting Istanbul, we are introducing the big shopping centers in Istanbul.


With the concept of Themed Park and Shopping Center, it has welcomed millions of visitors since its opening with Vialand area, which has become Istanbul’s best attraction center, and outdoor shopping.

view of vialand

Transportation to Vialand in Eyüp, projected by Via Properties, which has signed many innovative shopping mall projects in Istanbul, is only provided by buses and minibuses as the planned subway and cable car line is in the construction phase. Vialand Turkey’s largest shopping mall themed park with the project “Vialand Theme Park” also carries within.

Forum Istanbul

Forum İstanbul, which is the biggest shopping mall project that imparted to Turkey by Multi Development Turkey and since the opening the advertising should have brought great sound with the requirements of the event.

forum istanbul shopping mall

The most convenient transportation to Forum Istanbul which is considered as a hunting place in Istanbul in a short time is provided via Kocatepe Station of M1A Yenikapı-Airport and M1B Yenikapı-Kirazlı Meter. Other big stores such as IKEA and Koçtaş are also in the vicinity. This big project next to the Grand Istanbul Bus Station is located in Bayrampaşa district borders.

Marmara Forum

Zeytinburnu, Gungoren, Bahçelievler and Bakırköy are the intersection of Merter region of Marmara Forum in Bakirkoy district, on Istanbul’s second project of Multi Development Turkey.

fabulous shopping store marmara forum

You can reach to the shopping center which is built on quite large land with a small walk after you take the T1 Bağcılar-Zeytinburnu Kabataş Tram, M1A Atatürk Airport – Yenikapı Metro and Metrobus line at Zeytinburnu station. In addition, the MR10 Zeytinburnu-Kazlıçeşme bus from the Kazlıçeşme Marmaray station; 93T Harbiye-Taksim-Zeytinburnu, 93M Mecidiyekoy-Zeytinburnu, 93 Eminönü-Zeytinburnu and 93C Beyazıt-Zeytinburnu buses can be reached by going down on the “Fildamı Road” stop.

Mall Of Istanbul

Although it is far from the central regions of Istanbul, Mall Of Istanbul is located in İkitelli district, which is the biggest shopping center of Istanbul. Having hosted hundreds of shops, AVM has also undertaken a major role in the transport of cultural and artistic activities to the region.

Mall of istanbul opened in 2014

If it is thought that the channel will be moved to that region with the Istanbul project in the near future, Mall Of Istanbul may become the new Istanbul king. Projeye M3 Kirazlı-Olympic Stadium-Başakşehir You can reach the metropolitan metro by taking a long walk through the “İkitelli Sanayi” station.

Emaar Square Mall

Emaar Square Mall, one of the largest shopping center projects on the Anatolian side, is located in Libadiye as a fairly new shopping center opened in 2017. There is also a large aquarium in the mall, which is set on a quite large land.

Emaar Square Mall has the largest aquarium

The easiest way to get to the shopping center by public transport is through the “Mobilya Bazaar” stop of 8E, 9K, 11E, 14B, 14DK, 14ES, 15BK, 15SK, 15YK, 15KK and 129T buses passing through Göztepe bus stop on the E-5.

Venezia Mega Outlet

Venezia Mega Outlet moves the streets, architecture, gondolas and canals of Venice to Istanbul. The name of the project that started with the name Viaport Venezia when it first emerged was later changed to Venezia Mega Outlet.

Venezia Mega Outlet is one of the top three in the world

You can reach Gaziosmanpaşa by going down to the “Metris” station of the T4 Topkapı-Habibler tram line at the Karmeniiz Mahallesi. Another transport alternative is the “Black Sea Neighborhood” station of Kabataş-Beşiktaş-Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey metro which is under construction.

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