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Let’s keep writing that we have examined Istanbul’s major shopping centers. There are dozens of shopping centers in Istanbul, the most beautiful city in Europe. As a tourist, you must visit these shopping centers when you are exploring Istanbul.

In our previous article we reviewed the biggest centers such as Marmara Park, Cevahir, Akasya Acibadem. Click to read.

Ozdilek Park Istanbul

Ozdilekpark Istanbul, which is located on a large land on Istanbul’s skyscrapers and big business center canteen Büyükdere Street, meets the need for a shopping mall that will appeal to everybody in Levent district.

Özdilek Park İstanbul Shoppıng Center was built on Levent Büyükdere Street in a total of 40,000 square meters of leasable area.

The shopping mall, which has a vertical structure, has reached serious visitor figures since its opening. The most convenient transportation to the shopping mall is provided via the “Levent” station of M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman Meter and M6 Levent-Boğaziçi University metro station. It is also possible to reach all the bus lines passing through Levent.


Kanyon, which has been welcoming visitors for many years with eye filler design, can be considered as the most elegant attraction center for high zümreiye in Levent region. The project, which faces the concept of open-air, resembles a canyon of natural earth shapes on its name.

Kanyon Shopping Center serves as 4 floors in an area of 40,000 square meters.

The most convenient transportation to the project is provided via the “Levent” station of M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman Meter and M6 Levent-Boğaziçi University metro station. It is also possible to reach all the bus lines passing through Levent.

Zorlu Center

The Zorlu Center, which is quite luxurious and more expensive with its semi open concept, is located on a very valuable land in terms of its location. The Zorlu Center Performing Arts Center, which is located in the project area, has been able to carry and carry on cultural and artistic events with great international fame since its opening day.

Zorlu Center creates a unique living space in the heart of Istanbul.

The easiest access to Zorlu Center is via the “Gayrettepe” station of M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman metro and “Zincirlikuyu” station of Metrobus.

Istinye Park

Another mall that is far away from the rail transportation alternatives is İstinye Park. It is possible to coincide with a famous symbol every day at the shopping center which is a frequent destination of magazine celebrities.

After Zorlu, Istanbul's 2nd best shopping center İstinye Park Shoppıng Center

The easiest way to get to the shopping center is by private cars and taxis, but there are no public transportation alternatives around. After you have reached the “İTÜ Ayazağa Campus” station of M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman Metros passing through a point close to the area, you can reach Istinye Park by taking a long walk or by using another vehicle, you can reach with many bus lines passing through Istinye.

Zeytinburnu Olivium Outlet Center

Turkey’s first outlet mall Olivia, which introduced the outlet concept to Turkey; Despite being one of the oldest shopping centers in Istanbul, it still welcomes visitors in a serious manner. The shopping mall, which attracts a lot of attention from Arab tourists, is very interested in the outlet product chain.

Olivium Outlet Center, which opened its doors on April 01, 2000, is the first and only outlet of Istanbul.

You can reach to the shopping center via the Kazlıçeşme station of Marmaray or “Olivium” stop of 93T Harbiye-Taksim-Zeytinburnu, 93M Mecidiyeköy-Zeytinburnu, 93 Eminönü-Zeytinburnu and 93C Beyazit-Zeytinburnu buses. Also, the “Akşemsettin” station of T1 Bağcılar-Zeytinburnu-Kabataş Tramway is another important alternative.


Trump, which is one of the most central destinations in Istanbul, is also a favorite stopping point for those who want to escape from the concentration of Cevahir. It is a shopping mall that keeps itself alive and hosts various projects.

Trump Towers is a shopping center in Sisli with 39 and 37 storey towers and a 62,350 square meter shopping center.

As you can reach M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman metro station via “Şişli-Mecidiyeköy” station, you can reach Metrobus directly by going down to Mecidiyekoy station. In addition, Mecidiyekoy buses that depart from all 4 of Istanbul are another important alternative for reaching Trump.


The Akbatı Shopping Center, located in Bahçeşehir, a new living center which is very close to the new Istanbul region which is farthest to the existing central regions of Istanbul but will be formed with the Kanal Istanbul project, has entered into a number of places that are regarded as sacred places. But transportation is only provided by buses.

Akbatı Shoppıng Center is the most modern and new shopping center of Bahçeşehir.

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