Istanbul’s Famous Places With Their Garden – Part 2

Istanbul’s famous places with their garden is another place for the tourists and the visitors of this metropolitan city. That’s why we have created a list just for garden and open-air lovers and this is the part 2 of the first article.

Limonlu Bahçe / Beyoğlu

Even though it is situated at the center of Istanbul, you can enjoy yourself in this quiet and peaceful place by laying on hammocks and enjoy their lemonade. Limonlu Bahçe is famous with its lemonade as you can understand from its name ”the garden with the lemons.” While on your way to Tophane from Istiklal Avenue, you cannot miss it just beneath the French Palace. It is one of the most ”chill out” places of Istanbul. Limonlu Bahçe gives the full definition of garden feels like you are in your home. In this garden, you can find many flavors from world cuisine and it is also open for a brunch on Sundays.

Address: Yeniçarşı Street no:98 Galatasaray


Kitchenette / Bebek

Kitchenette has many branches around Istanbul and Bebek branch has an advantage over other branches. This is, of course, its garden. From pasta to salad, visitors of this place can enjoy many different foods and drinks. There is no doubt that because of the atmosphere it provides, Kitchenette Bebek is among the most prominent places of Istanbul. If you are looking for a cool and relaxing day-off away from city’s crowdedness, Kitchenette Bebek is just for you.

Address: Cevdetpaşa Avenue, İpek Street no:1 Bebek


White Mill Cafe / Cihangir

‘Definite deliciousness in the kitchen” is their slogan. White Mill Cafe is a place that on the outside you can think it is a tiny cafe but in the inside, it will definitely surprise you. It has an extremely big and spacious garden which makes this place to our list. Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall it just doesn’t matter for this garden. White Mill isn’t a place just famous for its garden. It also offers powerful and delicious meals too. Before it gets too late you should visit that place which has many regular customers from Cihangir. It has two different concepts on the night and on the day too.

Address: Susam Street. No:13 Cihangir


Sunset Ulus

Sunset Grill & Bar is situated at one of the most luxurious areas of Istanbul, Ulus Park. It is a place that you can watch the view of Bosphorus as much as you want. Sunset with its garden in which you can taste international cuisines delicate recipes breeds the herbs itself in order to make their meals more delicious. If you want to enjoy Istanbul at world standards, you can eat Sushi or a nice Californian Steak in this unique place. Besides, you can taste the best examples of traditional Turkish cuisine too. As you can see from the photo below, it will create a dilemma between eating your delicious food or looking at that fascinating view. Since the place is close to being full every week and weekend day, it is best for you to call before and make a reservation. They have special menus on special days and have international cooks for international foods. Even though it can be classified as one of the expensive restaurants in Istanbul, the food, the view, and the garden will definitely worth your effort.

Address: Adnan Saygun Road, Yol Street. No:2 Ulus Park – Ulus


While we are closely approaching winter, it would be best for you to visit these places during still nice weathers. Even though Istanbul has many offers for winter or fall, the summer of this beautiful metropolitan is something from another world. If you are wondering other places that will worth your effort, you can check our blog for more information or ask for help from our Sultanahmet hotel reception too!

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