Istanbul’s Famous Places With Their Garden – Part 1

Istanbul’s Famous Places With Their Garden – Part 1

Istanbul’s famous places with their garden is another place for the tourists and the visitors of this metropolitan city. That’s why we have created a list just for garden and open-air lovers.

Mia Mensa / Kuruçeşme

Mia Mensa is a place that no matter how is the weather conditions, they will always open their beautiful garden to its visitors. With its heated environment and natural garden, Mia is ready for both winter and summer. They have a menu focuses on Italian cuisine. When you are visiting Mia Mensa, you shouldn’t forget a cool breeze and unique sightseeing too. Mia Mensa first opened its doors to visitors at European Side and later at 2005 it had opened a branch at Suadiye, Anatolian Side too. Both of its branches has a menu rich in Italian cuisine and a great garden of course.

Kuruçeşme Address: Muallim Naci Street. No:64/C Kuruçeşme

Suadiye Address: Plaj Yolu Street, No:18/B Suadiye


Maria’nın Bahçesi / Güzelyalı

As you can understand from the name Maria’nın Bahçesi or the Maria’s Garden, it is a place focuses on the garden. It is possible for you to explore unprecedentedly Egean tastes in this unique restaurant. Maria’nın Bahçesi which is situated at the Maltepe Coast road, among the first choices of people who wish to dine at a place with the garden. In this famous place, you can find Stuffed Squash Blooms, rice with mussels, paella, and octopus. If you would like to, you can have a brunch at this place on Sundays and take your guests to this famous place with ease.

Address: Küçükyalı Coast Road No:86 Küçükyalı


Kırıntı / Bağdat Street

Kırıntı is among the classical places of Moda. It became so popular that you can see breakfast places with gardens in many cities apart from Istanbul with the name of Kırıntı. Even though Kırıntı has two branches in Bağdat Street, we will focus the second one with the garden. Kırıntı is not one of these places that you can see while walking on the street like the other ones. While walking the street, you will see a little signboard which takes you to an inner side of Moda and it is located in the basement part of an apartment. Kırıntı is taking a hold of that apartments two floors and has a glorious garden. In this place, you will feel yourself completely in an American restaurant and during Summer the garden has a colorful and joyful ambiance. The place is so crowded, especially during summer weekends.

Address: Bağdat Street. No: 371 Erenköy



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